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My Thoughts IX: On Wishes

Updated on April 27, 2015

I for one do not hope much. I like to wish. I find that wishes are quite straight-forward and honest. There is very little room for misunderstandings when I wish things. Wishing for me means visualizing the future. I have said it before and I can say it again: we can wish a future that we believe we can forge. It must be an honest task though, as in one must believe in the possibility of their wish happening.

For example, the photographs I have posted on this blog (from British Columbia and Alberta) are something I had wished to get before my trip out west. I wanted such photographs, I wished for them and I got them. I have also said before and I think I am still correct in saying so: "I'm not cocky, I'm confident".

The following are some words I scribbled down while I was waiting for my plane in Kellowna, British Columbia. My trip had come to an end and I was making my way back to Toronto.

"10:15 AM 19th July, 2011

Sitting in the airport in Kellowna. I feel spoiled: I am always getting what I want as of late. I had an amazing trip here in BC (and Alberta). I honestly could not have wished it better. I mean, I wished it to begin with but it turned-out better than I first imagined it.

The weather was amazing. We (my two buddies and I) had one gorgeous day after another. It did rain once in a while but it did so either at night-time, when we slept or when we were on the road driving.

The most amazing part for me was that I got the photographs I wanted: mountains, rivers, lakes; all sorts of our animal cousins showed-up too and they were all quite photogenic. I am thankful for that. Actually, I am thankful for everything. I learned much on these last two weeks. The entire last month has been tremendous as well.

Before coming here to the west-coast of Canada, I spent almost a week at Dokis First Nation Reserve. That experience was also price-less: the Pow-wow, the Sunrise Ceremony ... the smudging - it's almost like a dream. I am getting used to my dreams becoming reality so, I guess all was to be expected. I am thankful for this too.

I have never surfed but I view Life as a wave: sometimes bigger, sometimes smaller and I see myself as riding the wave. I have taken many falls off my board but I always get back on and every time I do so, I end-up riding an even bigger wave. I enjoy pushing limits. Not everyone I come in contact with is happy about that - I am though. I think it is good, or maybe it is just good for me ... not exactly sure on the specifics here.

Now I need to pause, since I have to board my plane for Calgary soon."


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    • Mr. Happy profile imageAUTHOR

      Mr. Happy 

      8 years ago from Toronto, Canada

      I certainly agree with You, Mr. Wesman: we have to be thankful for what we have, had and will have. Indeed, if we are not grateful for our Life, we end-up losing it quite fast.

      Well, I wish You all the best.

      May the Universe be kind enough to allow your good wishes to manifest. Cheers!

    • Wesman Todd Shaw profile image

      Wesman Todd Shaw 

      8 years ago from Kaufman, Texas

      I think the merely being thankful for things is the most empowering thing....and I must always remember just that.

      I used to have so much more than I do now....but I didn't enjoy any of it much, and I wasn't thankful for any of I lost most everything.

      Now....I'm thankful for every potato I eat...I'm thankful for less than I should be still.

    • Mr. Happy profile imageAUTHOR

      Mr. Happy 

      9 years ago from Toronto, Canada

      Greetings again Mrs. Phdast,

      I do think gratitude is important. There must be gratitude when a wish is made as if it was already received. Otherwise, I think the intention is not fully there ...

      Thank You for thinking about thinking and leaving me this comment. All the best! : )

    • phdast7 profile image

      Theresa Ast 

      9 years ago from Atlanta, Georgia

      The distinction between hoping and wishing is an interesting one. I find sometimes that the difference between whether I wish or hope for something depends on who the recipient it me, a family member, a friend, an acquaintance? Haven't quite got that figured out yet, but...

      Aside from intentionality or the power of intention, is part of the equation gratitude? That as our capacity for thankfulness and gratitude increases, we find more of our wishes have been fulfilled? Just thinking about thinking. :)

    • Mr. Happy profile imageAUTHOR

      Mr. Happy 

      9 years ago from Toronto, Canada

      Greetings Mrs. Reikieffect,

      I read the Secret about four years ago and that was it. My life changed because I became aware of some things which I did not really pay attention to before.

      Thank You for stopping by. Cheers!

    • reikieffect profile image


      9 years ago

      It is funny how suddenly so many books on the power of intention have been published recently...I realized just now that it is ancient knowledge, but somehow along the way we forgot it. Thanks Mr. Happy for sharing this with us. Namaste!

    • Mr. Happy profile imageAUTHOR

      Mr. Happy 

      9 years ago from Toronto, Canada

      Mr. Moneycop - thank you for your kind words Sir!

      Paradise, I am very happy that you enjoy my photographs - it makes everything so much more worth it! Thank you.

      Mr. Alastar Packer, if you can make the time for a trip to Alberta and British Columbia, please do so. It is simply gorgeous out-there and you will have an awesome time!

      And thank you so much Mr. Spirit Whisperer for dropping by. Cheers!

    • Spirit Whisperer profile image

      Xavier Nathan 

      9 years ago from Isle of Man

      I love it! Thank you.

    • Alastar Packer profile image

      Alastar Packer 

      9 years ago from North Carolina

      You were in one of the places I'm wishing to see. B.C.that is. Very nice Mr. Happy. A bit different with some great pics.

    • Paradise7 profile image


      9 years ago from Upstate New York

      Lovley pics and wonderful thoughts. I believe that, too.

    • moneycop profile image


      9 years ago from JABALPUR

      thanks for sharing these experiences ...really happy to have u here ..ur hub pages are really an asset.


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