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My Tin Ear Tinnitus??

Updated on December 31, 2016

Do you hear a ringing......

a high frequency sound

in your ear??


I do....constantly

and it's gotten much worse

in the last few weeks.


Like Quasimodo just after

he got his bell rung,...

now I understand

why he had a hunchback

it must have been caused by his

trying so hard to bend himself away

from the noises in his ear.


it's a note that I can harmonize with

but that my tenor can never hope to reach.

but it also blocks out other sounds

as if I am riding in an ambulance

screaming across some distant highway.


What is truly scary is that it sounds

like that final note on a heart monitor

when it stops beeping and wails

that lonesome last refrain.


There is no cure they say

I am one of millions listening to

God's doorbell....

and hoping he doesn't answer it soon.


They say it is relatively harmless.....

of course they're not getting

rung right out of their skulls....

and considering my years as a

lead vocalist for many Rock and Roll groups

I should be gratefui that I

can still AT LEAST hear the ringing.


It is most often caused by loud music,

and be forewarned it is permanent.

I-pod, headphones and blasting stereos,

front row seats at concerts

and many other loud noises

can still the quiet most normal folks know.


And what's worse is that it amplifies your pulse

you can hear every beat as if your ear drum

went on a warpath, an endless drone of

lub-dub lub-dub lub-dub.

a constant reminder of one's mortality.


I am sorely tempted to commit Hari-Kari

with a Q-tip dipped in

It can be an errie...earrie hell

it rings now as I write, the only relief is to

press my finger into the crease of my upper ear

and wiggle it as if I am trying to get water out.

but that is temporal at best.


Like Poe, who perhaps had tinnitus,

I am trapped in the ringing, the jingling,

the clanging and the banging of the bells.


On the darker side of my outlook

it might be a brain tumor,

or just a dismally annoying

background noise that I will carry to my grave.

the bell tolls for me...


And I have no desire to see a Doctor,

I did all the standard things

removed any chance of ear wax with drops

and a quite a few syringes of warm water.

i blew dry my ear as well although it didn't curl anymore,

I've put olive oil in it, mineral oil as well

all to no avail,

anymore of that stuff and the ringing will turn into

a rousing rendition of "Grease"


So I will wait it out,

and hope that nature takes it's course,

as long as it's not a course on sign language,

and warn all my fellow writers here

to be kind to your ears,

lest you too hear such endless

high pitched wailing in your head.


It is only preventable before you get it,

and I got it and am unable to prevent it

from distorting my peace.

If perchance you stumble upon

an article about a man

who drove a spike into his ear canal

pray that it isn't me....

because that temptation is alluring

in the wee hours of the mourn.


"'Scuse me for a moment, some one's ringing

the phone....oops never mind."



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    • Moulik Mistry profile image

      Moulik Mistry 7 years ago from Burdwan, West Bengal, India

      I am a bit hard of hearing, I soundly hear you tintinnumbulation, very interesting writing, MFB...

    • Micky Dee profile image

      Micky Dee 7 years ago

      I have it! I've asked people, "Can you hear this?" They do a double take and then act as if they are trying to hear something. But they are looking at me through the corners of their eyes. Just what I need- one more reason for being thought a freak -as if I don't have enough reasons!

      You know- it really seems to be that ringing that one has after firing a 106 recoiless rifle without earplugs! Good luck with that compensation!

    • Jen's Solitude profile image

      Jen's Solitude 7 years ago from Delaware

      What a poetic way of describing such an irritating condition. I don't have constant ear-ringing, but it does come and go these days, after reaching a peak shortly after I was diagnosed with MS. I sometimes get relief by putting my finger in the opposite ear that is troubling me. It sounds like you have ringing in both ears though, so guess that wouldn't work for you. Therefore with no practical help to offer, I can only tell you I have empathy for your on-going problem and am sorry there doesn't seem to be a cure. Great way to remind others to protect their hearing though!