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My Vision On Christmas Eve....2009

Updated on December 24, 2009

Beneath the inky black
of a Christmas eve sky
twinkling with a diamond lit
crispness only God could string
I noticed that the big dipper
was stretched above me vertically.


As if God himself had hung it
to dry on the hook of
some distant fingernail moon,
after pouring out his immense
love upon the world below.


The little dipper hung empty too,
perhaps he threw a dash more love,
after growing sad that it was not

absorbed by so many across

the planet he created long ago.


So much fell on desert sands
where men still killed each other
using his name as an excuse.


Some of it warmed

many hungry babies
as they slept, with

tiny smiles bending
acrooss their malnourished lips,
but there would still be
no breakfast come mourn.


And the dwellers

of cardboard boxes
felt a warmth they had not known
since long before

they lost their homes
something beyond

the heat of cheap wine,
and a cigarette cupped

between frosted hands
in the concrete canyons

where they slept.


And many leaders

tossed and turned,
in deeply troubled dreams
tormented with guilt over the greed
and the rush to power

that consumed them,
as his outpouring of love

twisted a knot
in thier already

crooked souls.


But all God could do,

though it was stellar
was to drench the world

with love from above
and hope some of it pooled in the
dry and thirsty hearts below.

For he had given men

free will long ago,
setting them free

in his paradise
to willingly do

whatever they wished
but to remember their creator.
in whatever they did.


Many have
forgotten this concept
turning freedom
into trampling on
the rights of others,
thus the big dipper
once again hangs
vertically emptied.

The little dipper too
hangs dry and hollow
on a night that marks a day 

long ago when
he sent his own son
into the empty womb
of a woman blessed
only to see men freely and
willingly destroy him
three decades later.


They say we can read
a lot into the stars,
but so few even bother
to look upward anymore.





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    • Micky Dee profile image

      Micky Dee 

      8 years ago

      I'm running through your hubs right now with really fast sneakers. I won't make it soon enough to the end and I will tire and go on with life. But- it is quite a run!

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      so true, some very thought provoking words there


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