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"My World, Your World, Our Universe": A poem about giving and taking in a relationship.

Updated on September 12, 2016

I am my own world.

I am my own universe.

I am unpredictable just like the Earth and the universe.

I don't know what will happen today, tomorrow or years from the now.

I have made preparations for the future of my own world to keep it turning in my own universe.

I have the ability to let your own world enter into my own universe.

I invite your world to come into my own universe.

In my universe, your own world and my own world can keep turning together in harmony making the universe ours.

Together our own individual worlds will be turning in sync creating our universe.

This universe of ours will be unpredictable and our own individual worlds will be worlds we can learn from, share with and care for to create the universe we have imagined, infinite love for each other’s worlds.

Together our worlds will overcome the chaos making our universe a universe of unpredictable peace and love.

Other worlds will learn from our universe on the outside looking in.

Together we choose what visitors to have into our universe. While in our own universe we still rule our own individual worlds.

This universe can be ours to rule together, infinite.


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