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My World after Corona Virus Conclusion

Updated on April 10, 2020
Faaran Shahid profile image

I'm a journalist and writing is my passion & my profession. As a graduate of Media and Mass Communication Studies I'm writing online.

Stay Home Stay Safe

To hell with quarantine life, I would like to share my thoughts and feelings regarding the Corona virus pandemic. The virus was discovered in China and later spread throughout the world. First of all, assumptions were that it came out of a kind of animal. But this is too early to say something about this discovery and we shall find the truth, definitely. In my country and the city where I’m living, it is the capital of Pakistan, Islamabad. Near me all business hubs, restaurants and sorts of entertainment sites have shut down by the government, only essential commodities like medical stores, dairy shops, and grocery shops are open. Worldwide the only solution comes out of the COVID-19 is found “stay home- stay safe”.

We Need to Review our Lifestyle

However, the fact is that worth is not sullied by slander. The murderer virus really pushed into a hard time to the world power America and Europe. The Health system of developed countries is crashed. In hospitals, medical staff is really get exhausted dealing with the huge number of Corona patients. Local administration is fatigued in burying dead bodies of Corona patients. The world economy is drowning and is on a ventilator. From America to Pakistan and east to west millions of employees lost their jobs. Those faces were smiling with pleasures now they are miserable and dealing with hunger. In streets and bazaar, hunger is frisking.

This is the time we are to review our lifestyle and we should really invest in the health sector as all over the world our health care system is badly exposed. In past decades we invested nothing in the health sector, where we invested a lot is Arms and Explosive and then IT. Whereas this is the time to revise our priorities either we want to kill humanity with weapons or with a lack of health facilities.

2 Lakh Americans to die with Covid-19

It’s too early to guess how many human lives this Corona will bite. In alone America, according to Dr. Fauci more than 2 lac people death toll will reach with this Corona disease. He also said nearly 8 to 10 lac Americans will be affected. American president Donald Trump has also projected that if death numbers don’t exceed more than 1 lac, which will be our success. And the same confessions are made by other heads of the states; this is the fact that at the moment America and Europe is the center of Corona breakout.

Covid-19 Crises

According to the United Nation due to Corona pandemic 900 million students are not going to their schools to get an education. After Corona virus spread first of all the step was taken by each and every country was to suspend their educational activities. In this regard, economical counts are underway. Air space services and tourism industry economically is shrunk below 80%. World’s 70% of air companies are going to open sooner because most of the countries are restraining airlines operation. For the first time in history, America suspended airline operation, how long it is adjourned, none of us have any idea. Due to lockdowns and government restrictions stock markets are almost crashed. According to a study due to Corona virus international GDP made 2.7 trillion dollars loss.

George Bush already Vowed

The world has two worries to deal with; it has to save lives or to save drowning economics. Corona embarrassed our pride that we are overwhelmed upon all diseases.

If all provided facts about Corona is that then in this world every human being is in danger. Who dies and who lives? We can only confirm when the vaccine for the disease is discovered.

A very question rises in our mind these days is that after this crisis how this world would be? Just before 15 years from now, I mean just after four years of 9/11 George Bush was told the world that there is much chance of “bio war” between the countries. If we are not prepared we have to face big losses. And this is the same state about Jorge bush has conveyed earlier. American establishment took not serious to George Bush that time, instead of saving humanity and making health system better, we invested to buy weapons to kill humanity.

Few words for the public, dear individuals it is the only way to control Corona virus from the spread is to maintain social distance. For that purpose, lockdown is the only solution to stop spreading the virus. No doubt our economics will be affected much by this but we have no chance rather this.


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