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My brother Bodi Harte Jackson

Updated on November 9, 2010

knowing a loved one on herion

My brother Bodi Jackson died from a herion over dose on October 7, 2009, he was 24 years old.Since that day I felt I had to do something for my lil brother that I hadt seen over the years due to him moving away. I wanted to talk about it so that he would not be forgotten.I know when he left us he was a born again CHRISTIAN, so I made a page for him on myspace with my other brother that died Sept 11,2004.

One of the many things about my brother Bodis death that really bothered me and still does til this day is that nobody but friends and family will ever whisper Bodis name again. I feel that other people that lost a loved one to herion might feel the same way I do. I believe that everyone should know that herion is a killer. I made the MYSPACE PAGE as a wall to my brother Bodi that fought the battle of herion addiction and lost.

Some people will laugh, or even get angry at the idea of a memorial for DRUG ADDICTS. then that site is not for those people. Its for those who have seen and lived through watching their loved ones slowly killing themselves and destroying their families and relationships.I watched my brother fight the battle, I saw him suffer the pain and what it did to him and loved ones. I saw the pain my mother and father faced when they heard he was using.Im writing this for all the people that have seen and heard about these horrible things that happen to people on herion. GOD BLESS YOU ALL and hope all the pain that my family has gone threw, that this memorial will help ease my FAMILYS PAIN.

Ilove and miss you lil brother. I know you are in a better place with the lord himself and loved ones that have left us. Take care of my other brother Oscar(your brother) and forever you will be in my heart..



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      Pachuca213 7 years ago

      I love you girl, and I am so sorry. I know it was hard losing one brother in an accident and then another this is a beautiful tribute to him to keep his memory alive.