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My Favourite Short Anecdotes.

Updated on July 14, 2020

Letting go.

You hold its wing between your thumb and your index finger and you can feeling them buzzing as the dragonfly attempts to fly. You bring it closer to you and watch it - you take note of every colour, every curve, every little detail on its frail body - and wish that you would never have to let go of something so beautiful.

But rarely in our lives do we ever get what we wish for and you know you can’t hold on forever, because sometimes, it’s holding on that makes us weak.

So pry your fingers apart.

For a second, the dragonfly stays still, and then its wispy wings buzz to life. It flies and you watch it rise, higher and higher, farther and farther, until you can’t see it anymore.

You squint into the sunlight, your eyes narrowing to tiny slits, but your lips tug into a smile.

Sam Madison


For months I'd pretend to be happy, but deep down I felt bad 'cause moving on is not an easy thing to do. Staring outside the window looking at the rustling leaves and the lone bird on the tree I connected with it, feeling desolate, down, and simply lonely. But not once did I count the tree and it's hundreds of leaves.

There are times when we go through a situation which leaves us feeling overwhelmed and anxious but the night doesn't last forever, the twilight begins slowly bringing in a new dawn and once the dawn has cracked open there is no one who can stop morning from emerging.

And my morning it emerged too, while seeing the rain water pitter pattering on my window sill I saw that lone bird again underneath the leaves which helped it from getting wet, and that's when I realised that there are people, people whom we don't give as much credit but they are there and always will be there, you might not even realise but there is always someone for you. The bird it too had the leaves and the tree. The bird didn't mind being alone because it knew that it had someone behind it who would let it fly to great heights and when it had achieved its success the tree would provide it with shelter, protection and food.

Positivity doesn't come rather you have to bring it in you, culture it inside you and once you are successful in you feat then even if you are alone you'll feel like you are standing with an army.

The desolation doesn't bother me anyway because I myself am more than enough for me and like the leaves and tree I have my family and friends rooting for me and if things go wrong they'll be there 'cause I'll always count on them.

I had finally found myself, and to find my true self I let myself break and emerge as a new one.

Ishita Bose


Somewhere right now someone is pouring coffee in a hotel lobby in an island town waiting for the sun to come up thinking about how in the world somewhere, at the exact same time, someone else is making tea before bed on a warm night in the country side. And somewhere else, someone is waiting for a train in the busy city to get dinner with the girl he is going to propose, who is putting on mascara across the town thinking about her mother who is thousands of kilometres away from her. And no matter what you are doing right now and whether or not you are happy doing it, it is oddly comforting to think that any life you have dreamt of having - it exists. And at any given moment, someone else is living it.


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