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My first poem foundation in the memory of Dad Gundi.

Updated on July 17, 2015

My first poem foundation in the memory of dad Gundi.


My first poem foindation, in the memory of dad, Gundi.

My First Poem Foundation.
Founded by wisdom, Co founder Patrick Mkhize

My gift to you Guardian Dad " Mavov P ".

My first Poem.

Hi, how are you?


What is your name?


Your surname?

Ncala .

Who is your childhood hero?


What is the first song you can recall?

1991 i was 11 years old.

Have patience.
Have patience.
Don't be in such a hurry.
When you get impatient.
You only start to worry?



That God is patient too..

And think of times when others
have to wait for you..

Where did you learn or hear this song?

New Life primary school in douglasdale 1991
grade two school concert 1991.

What is your favourite colour?


Yellow Yellow Yellow.
Because I was African.

I believe God is a woman, made
in the image of your mother and dads image.

What is your favourite food?

Ribs pasta and mince with onions.

Who do you believe in?

Self or God?

Our Lord Christ or Shaka?

My mum dad and prayer.

We are you happy?


What makes you happy?


Are you scared of death?

No, but I hate funerals.

Only the Gundiz and my sister will be present
of my last day on earth.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

An angel.

What do you dream of?

Heaven on Earth.

Will there ever be Peace on earth?

Choice, freedom, poverty and circumstances
Are the depiction of reality.

If you could change something about the world
What would it be?

If everyone could be faithful.

The children would know what love is unconditionally.
No broken homes.

The family unit would be secured.

Happiness is knowing the value of LIFE.

What would you call your first poem or song?

Heaven Earth and Goddesses.

Regards Nkosinathi Ncala

Gods Poet Nkosi

My first Poem Foundation Co founder Patrick Mkhize.


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