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Walk into the grey

Updated on June 14, 2016
Hold me till I go
Hold me till I go

A fathers day

The world was grey

There in the womb I started to pray ,

The first light on my retina brought me out

And I was called "my young scout",

From the hand hands of him

I was then taken away

Put on the floor and he thought me crawl to his finger

And then I bolded the finger and walked through path

That he showed me

Don't know when he left my finger

And my hand turned hairy and huge

Bold and masculine I was growing day by day

And when I realised there is my dad very far away

Looking at me when I ran to him he caught my finger

And moved till a distance then he fell and started crawl

Crawling and crawling he once stopped and then he went into

The womb of mother (nature)

In to the grey

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