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To My Friend Anywhere: Each Caring Friendship is a Sacred Re-cre-a-tion

Updated on August 6, 2011

Caring Friendship is a
Sacred Re-cre-a-tion

My friend anywhere:

Messages enlighten.
     New horizons beckon.
Old rough edges soften.
     Sundays sometimes happen.

Today your sharpest staff
     came poking at my door
until you made me laugh,
     convulsing on the floor.

Unknowingly you shook
     my neatly charted graph
and amplified my book
     of happiness by half.

Whether glad or sadly,
     whether good or badly,
sacred love intrigues me
     (profane love fatigues me),
sacred love invites me,
     sacred love excites me,
sacred love delights me,
     sacred love ignites me,
sacred love incites me,
     sacred love unites me. 
Is it only just me?

Sun-day only? Or e-ter-nal-ly?
     Neither one seems likely now to me.
None we know alive today can see
     future outcomes so per-cep-tive-ly.

What on earth are you to me?
     I don't mean inside our po-et-ry,
pro-mul-gat-ing every the-o-ry,
     just to see what we can see,

Young and swift and strong and ten-der-ly,
     face to face with old defying grav-i-ty.
Does wise Prov-i-dence allow such things to be?
     High adventure gripping you and me,
friends per-son-al-ly?

Dear friend to-be,
     you still happy?
What do you see?

It would please me
     if you wrote me
when you are free,
     if that can be.

Max Havlick

Please note I am not seeking anyone to marry,
     or share my nightly bed which is already crowded.
My wife and I consider such things wrong and scary,
     and we don't want our holy marriage vows beclouded.

But I enjoy a sincere, happy, distant friendship
     with give-and-take in thoughtful written con-ver-sa-tion,
and mutual respect without a daily guilt trip.
     Each caring friendship is a sacred re-cre-a-tion. ___________________________________________________
Copyright (c) 2011 by Max J. Havlick, Writers Workshop, The Max Havlick School of Personal Creation and World Citizenship, a project of New World Community Enterprises, Inc., 16 W. Vermont St., Villa Park, IL 60181-1938, all rights reserved (30 min. from O'Hare Airport). Permission granted to make copes that include the whole series of poems and this notice.


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    • Max Havlick profile image

      Max Havlick 4 years ago from Villa Park, Illinois

      Thank you, Kim, for this fantastically beautiful little flower of a poem. How could I be happier than to see new sacred friendships, and new poetic fruit of such merit, springing up to bloom in the garden I have been allowed to set aside for such beauty?


    • ocfireflies profile image

      ocfireflies 4 years ago from North Carolina

      A sacred friendship

      I feel we have created

      organically grown

      from our words and rhymes

      To exchange one's thoughts

      that fall on listening ears

      refreshes one's day

      wipes away one's tears

      Best Always,


    • Max Havlick profile image

      Max Havlick 6 years ago from Villa Park, Illinois

      Thank you, Sarah, Denise, and JT, all three of you, for your kind, perceptive, insightful reading of my work.

      Many more obstacles I can now brush to the side,

      many more chances in my life to hit my best stride,

      many more tears of sweet happiness I can abide,

      knowing I have three productive good friends as you are,

      reading my work and responding to me from afar.

    • JT Walters profile image

      JT Walters 6 years ago from Florida

      Hi Max,

      Your poem is rather realistic, sensitive and enlightened. Only a person who has experienced a deep meaningful friendship in their real life could have possibly written this. Your poem is very touching. Sadly the human condition and the interpersonal relations between people have decayed from the sacred relationships which use to be known as friendships to mere acquaintances or simplistic social climbing associations.

      All my Best,


    • Denise Handlon profile image

      Denise Handlon 6 years ago from North Carolina

      This is a beautiful poem, Max, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I love the idea of the sacred friendship re-creating. Thanks for sharing.

    • Max Havlick profile image

      Max Havlick 6 years ago from Villa Park, Illinois

      Thank you, Sarah, apparently you were reading it just as I was reading it out loud to Fay. You must check the internet when you first get up! Have a good weekend.

    • Sarah Shepherd profile image

      Sarah Shepherd 6 years ago from San Diego, California

      I like this one... very well done! Bravo! And the remark at the end is pretty humorous. Voted up and beautiful. Take care!