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Begging My heart to stay

Updated on March 27, 2015

My heart has become its own person. Ignoring my request. Has turned its back on me, leaving me in my mess. Wants nothing to do with me. As hard as I may try, I am asking you why? Why have you abandoned me? Why have you left me? Why?

On my knees I beg you please answer me. Are you there? Are you back? Did you run off laying face first on a railroad track. Have you had enough of me, Will you answer I beg you please.

I admit I've made some mistakes. I've given you away to people who take and take. I've let them stomp on you, I've let them abuse you. But hear me when I say, from this day I am through.

Through with the hurt, through with the abuse. This much pain, there's no excuse. Now I know, one heart can only take so much. Bruise leads to a cracks that will soon become shatter. Pieces will be lost. Pieces will be scattered,

I'll make you a deal if you listen to me. I've heard of one person whose in the heart fixing business. All I have to do is ask for forgiveness. I heard he can make you new again, he can change our life. He'll treat you better than any husband can treat a wife.

I heard he's a superhero. He answers when you call, is always by your side, will never let you fall. I heard he's a King, he shines brighter than a diamond ring. I heard he's a comforter, I heard he's a keeper. Lets give him a try. With him you'll never cry. He'll take good care of you. He'll treasure you. He'll love us unconditionally.

With him you should stay. I feel safe just speaking his name. A name above all names. He lives for us, His name is JESUS.


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