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Sleight of demon

Updated on January 25, 2016

Temptation creeps in like sunset darkness

In the absence of light, I'm afraid to lose my senses

The seducer whispers lies, cruelty and confusion

One step closer and I'll meet my destruction

Curse you Demon! Oh I rebuke you!

I raise my shield of faith but my eyes closed and blue

I cry and scream "Seducer stop! I don't want to hear!"

Arms and heart weak, your help my lord I seek

Peace oh Lord! I lost my peace

Demons steal, kill and destroy in my midst

Holy Father shine your light upon me

Ignite the fire and power you bestowed in me

Your grace everlasting, your love is true and holy

As soon as I'm about to give in you reminded me of sanity

I see you fighting my demons, you raise my shield and sword

Your voice sings straight to my heart with unexplainable chords

Jesus, thank you for never giving up on me

Thank you for giving back my tranquility

I may be weak but you'll never be

My mighty savior, your love and mercy is all I ever want to see



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