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My number one

Updated on September 4, 2013

My name is Elvis and and the other kids are my younger brothers Jonah and Daniel then the house used to be ours until a certain day.

You see, there is a saying that poverty is a disease but in our case, it was a crime.

Anyway, our story is not different from what you see in your everyday life, people dying of starvation, disease, etc. And we have tailored our story in such a way that you will find hope if you are seeking for hope, comfort if you are seeking for comfort, end if you are seeking for end, belief if you are seeking for belief after reading about us.

"One born into poverty, lives in poverty but has the power to get out of poverty"

"To be born poor is not a course but to die poor is"

We were born poor and we lived in poverty, there were days we went to bed empty stomach although our parents tried their best to provide for us but their best wasn't good enough, going to school was not part of our lives but one thing about our family was that although we were poor and dad who sometimes used his car for taxi couldn't provide our minor need, he thought us perseverance.

We learned to be strong from our Mother who woke up 4am every day to go to the marker to sell fruits.

You have just read our introduction.

Growing up...

We grew up in the slum where our parents both died and was buried, life without them was hell, there was no one out there to guide us, no one to help us, no one cared and no one wept when our parents died, they both died the same day and the only help we got was from few neighbors who helped cleaned up the ruins from our house which was burnt down by fire. They buried our parents who were both burnt to death, the origin of that fire is still a mystery.

I was the eldest so after the death of our parents and loosing our house,i became the protector, the provider, the god and support to Jonah and Daniel, i was 10years old, Jonah 9yrs and Daniel 7yrs old when it all began.

When you are poor, you are a no body, you are faced with not just human abuse but natural abuse, everything was against us both the air we breath and the paths we walked on. I cannot count how many times we were arrested and flogged by cops and if you ask me our crime then the answer is obvious, there was no one to stand for us.

We were bullied by even animals.Believe me,there was a particular day, Daniel was picking food from the garbage and the rightful owners almost sent him to an early grave, the five dogs attacked him but thanks to my intervention.

Interaction with people...

We knew people in the slum but none had anything to offer us, there were others kids like us, kids who don't even know their parents, some who lost them just like us, it was nothing but brutality associating with people because the older ones always bullied the younger ones and we were not left behind. I got beaten up so many times for nothing.

No condition is permanent...

Everything that has a beginning surely has an end and like i mentioned above; one is born poor but has the power to get out of poverty. And that is what is known as BREAKTHROUGH.

If you are searching for a break through then this is our story.

I was twenty three when i met her, she was the most beautiful girl i have ever seen, she was like the angel our late mother use to tell us about, she always told us fairly tales about Angels, some she said are missing in heaven and she was one of them. Alvira, the apple of my eyes.

We left the slum after selling our late father's scrap and moved to the city,all my life i had wanted to hustle in the city. I worked as a laborer in a construction firm, Daniel worked in a security firm as guard and Jonah runs our family business, a tiny barbing shop we set up, he loved that job and just six months in town; almost everyone knew about the magic hand as he was nick named.

You see, i was going home that evening then came across Alvira, she had a flat tire and i helped her fixed her tire, she told me that she had waited for three hours without help then God sent me, she offered me a lift and that was how our friendship began, she was kind to me although we both belonged to different class.An university student who owned her own car and a brick layer who walked 5kilometers everyday.

Alvira was the daughter of a prominent man in the city, at first i wasn't welcomed but with time, it became obvious that without me there will be no her. She got sick after five months of our meeting and needed a liver to live, the money was there but there was no matching liver for her. You see, the wise say that Money can buy you health but cannot buy you life and it is simply true.

I saw her that day at the hospital, she laid helpless on her ward bed, the only day i saw her helpless, she had been so good to me and as i stood in grief i heard a voice spoke inside me; "This is the bone of your bone and flesh of your flesh". Hallucination i wondered. Her dad was there and mother sitting and crying next to her,tears dropped from my eyes as i touched her hand and told her that she will be fine. Anyway to cut it short, i begged her dad to have me tested to see if my liver will match her, although he was reluctant but the test was carried out then i left.

My breakthrough...

I woke up early the next morning and prepared breakfast for Daniel who worked over night, Jonah had left. I saw the Jeep as it drove down and recognized it, it was Senator Fabian Brooks, he jumped out from the jeep he he sighted me, rushed to me knelt down, i imagined a thousand things in a second; what is going on, why is he kneeling down,why is he looking for me?

His voice echoed and i heard the most important news of my life, the news which changed everything; "Alvira sent me" he said, she is dying but there is hope, she has a chance, please...

she has a chance, please...

“It is a match! It is a match! You are a perfect match!...son; you are a perfect match” he said

I did not comprehend him as I stood looking at him. Here is a man who don’t want me near his daughter, kneeling before me, he held my hands and looked right to my face, our eyes were focused on each other then I heard his gentle voice as he passionately told me what I actually needed to hear that morning; he said…

“The text confirmed that your liver matched Alvira, I will give you any amount of money you want, please save her, save her son, I will buy you a house anywhere you want and I will give you a million dollars in cash, no! Two million…how much do you want?”

He made a lot of promises at the same time but what I heard of all his said was that I am a perfect match. You see, I have always known that we were meant for each other, she is my missing ribs and I am her missing liver. Anyway, he drove me down to the hospital that morning and the doctor said that they will check my health condition to make sure that I am fit. I was put under medical observation for twenty four hours and my brain was scanned, blood,urine,saliva tests carried out. I was happy that I will donate my liver to save the most beautiful person in this world.

Guess I have not mentioned about my school. You see before she got sick, she enrolled me into an adult class.

The surgery was scheduled for Friday.


I overheard them talking that evening and I understood the problem but why should it be so? God why I questioned?

It is not about the money, the house or the car, none of these are enough to pay me, I don’t want any of them and that pissed Jonah and Daniel off, they both criticized me for refusing to accept the two million dollars senator promised to pay me for the life of his only daughter. Now the problem is not the money or material benefit but my own kidney.

“He cannot” the doctor said
“Do it” he shouted

The result of the last of the three texts conducted on me showed that I have an infected liver which puts me in a serious danger; I have just 30% chances of surviving the surgery to save Alvira but to me, I was ready to even give her two of my livers, I was ready to die for her to live. This situation created a big confusion.

-My duty is to save lives and not to kill said the doctor therefore I cannot put this young man in danger to save your daughter

I made it clear to him that he had to no choice but you see, he suggested something

“Alvira could donate a kidney to me while I give her one of my livers”

The Senator refused and I understood why he refused after all he is willing to pay me.

“But how can you pay him to die?” Daniel asked him

Love they say is blind and only fools fall in love. Yes, let me be a fool I told Daniel; I am a fool and I am ready to die to save her, I don’t need the money, I don’t want anything, she must live. I told the doctor to carry on with the surgery but he refused and at this point, the case had gone outside the hospital, there was press people everywhere, and it made headlines in all the national news papers.

Alvira has two more months to live said the doctor

Anyway, it became obvious that the only way out was the Doctor’s way. It will be one surgery he said, he will do all the transplant(s) during one surgery so there will not be any other surgery which worried Senator Fabian Brooks

Alvira wanted the surgery, she was willing to give me one of her kidneys and I was eager to give her one of my livers; the press called it Agape love but for the Senator, it was an abomination. All he wanted was my liver and nothing else, my life doesn’t matter to him and I understood him as much as I understood the situation. The money and all his promises don’t matter to me, what matter to me is to save Alvira and it doesn’t matter if I have to lay down my own life for her to live.

The Doctor and every one said No!

-Who are you I asked him? You cannot stop me from saving someone's life
-And I cannot endanger someone to save someone he stood on

I don't know why they carried out the tests on me but one thing was clear,my own sickness was on it's way and it was good that i found out on time though i have no money and would die of that sickness, perhaps that was why i was ready to die for her to live. No one understood it the way i did except Alvira's father. Her mother wanted me to live, she said that she is a mother and feels what my mother would feel if she had been alive to witness the situation.

Her stand almost broke their marriage but you see, she had a point.

"The two are friends" she said... 'so there is no harm in saving Elvis with Alvira's kidney and saving Alvira with his liver'

Everything they say happen for a reason, first i thought that all my life problem had come to an end but the situation i now found myself became my nightmare, i had sleepless nights, i was worried about Alvira, she is dying and i cannot save her,i wanted to but God why?

I was also worried that my two best friends and most trusted comrades, Jonah and Daniel are pissed off with me

I was worried that Senator Fabian Brooks doesn't care for me

I was worried that i will die

I was confused and lost every word to talk to God with, prayer became a kind of sin to me and suicide became my only option. If Alvira die then i will kill myself

You see in life, we come across different people, some of them leave us wondering what life is all about, some leave us in joy, some leave us in pain, some go after a while and some we don’t want to let go; Alvira I don’t want to let go.

This also applies to situations we encounter in life. Some leave us with no choice, some leave us with choices, some take everything about us and some make us who we are. You cannot run away from your problem and if you don’t solve it, it will be there with you.

I don’t want your money I told Senator Fabian. I don’t want the house, the car even a private jet, none of them matter to me, and you cannot buy life with any of them. Fly us out of the country to another hospital for the surgery; sir I am willing to lay down my life for her to live perhaps I was created for this, I love her and loving someone is not just about what you feel but also what you do.

My action moved the Senator and although he wanted Alvira to live by all means, he also understood why I have to live because Alvira went on the national television and declared her everlasting love for me. People all over the country knew of us and what was happening to her helped so many people amend their relationships.Her condition began to deteriorate and seeing her pass through the dialysis breaks my heart. She doesn’t want my liver if I cannot have her kidney but you see, sometimes in life we seek what we already have without knowing that we already have it. Just two weeks left for her to live and that morning, it was a Sunday morning, the hospital was filled with crowd from all over the country, people came to see her but what moved me the most was the banner one man carried; it read


People were ready to donate kidney for me, everyone wanted to donate and that moved the Senator once again.

Son, I am wrong he said to me, I am wrong.

It’s been 60 years and I must let you know as you read this that marrying Alvira was the best thing that happened to me as a Man. We love each other and the fact that her kidney is one of the things propelling me as human being makes my live in her what she cherish most.

I know that you will be wondering at this point about Daniel and Jonah. Anyway, they both made it through high school and university, thanks to Alvira.

If you are in love with someone, prove it with what you do and not what you say and if you are married, remember it takes just two to tango.Love is not just a feeling but an action which build itself inside us and manifest in words and proven with deed, and remember when something go wrong, fix it, do not throw it away.

Yesterday 3rd of September was our anniversary, the press people came and one of them asked Alvira how we have managed to be together all these years.

She told him the truth because we don't throw nothing away, we fix everything, when it was time for him to interview me, he asked me what i have to tell my dear.

This was what i did, i sang her a song.

I've kissed the moon a million times
Danced with angels in the sky
I've seen snowfall in the summertime
Felt the healing of the powers above...


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