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My pain is that I did not know

Updated on September 11, 2015

I did not know that he was so close to you while we chatted and had a nice time together and I watched you sip your juice.

From the way you spoke, it was clear you were oblivious of his presence and activities around you.

It is said that he moves stealthily to his target and that is why we most often do not know when he gets so close to us or when he is around the corner waiting for us. Although, at times he is bold enough to knock and insist that we must respond even against our wish.

Must everyone answer his call, anytime he calls even when it is not comfortable for one to do so?

He exposed the coward parts of the brave by making them weak.

He brought doubts to the courageous. Truly, only few have managed to fight back and escape his anger but unfortunately, he never stops trying again and again until he overwhelms his victim someday. Maybe that is why he is feared by many.

The rich tried to buy him over but he cannot be bought.

Oh! Even though he must visit us someday, I do not like the way he came to you because he came so sudden at a time we discussed and made plans for the future. Does it mean he has no respect for the future? Now he has made me wonder why bother and plan for the future, if the future is so pregnant that we do not know what it will bring forth.

You were brave for I saw how you fought back and I wished I had joined you in the unseen battle but all I could do was to encourage you to keep fighting even though he brought so much pain to you. “Keep fighting,” I shouted, not knowing where he was and where or how he hit you.

My pain is that I did not even know he was there until he left you cool. It is certain that someday we may have to face him alone just as you did because no one will join us in the unseen last battle.


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