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Updated on November 9, 2015


not enough words can describe my boy

funny,happy,crazy,big daft boy.

loyal,faithful,fiercely protective and content.

if he ever showed aggression,it was never meant.

house is almost ghostly now,since he passed away

not the happy home ,not like in Jakes day.

he ran rather fast,he could never slow down

hit fences and concrete,caused many a frown.

Jake,my dog a lot can be said

loyal and faithful,our hunger he fed

amazing and loving,funny and mad

he keeps us all going,through good and bad.

fourteen years old,Rottweiler Cross

struts around like he is the boss.

you often wish,they'd last forever

pets grow with you,all of us together

tackles anything you throw on his plate

strong and will full,he is a true mate.

i dread the day,he's no longer here

that's the day all our family fear.

he would last in our memories,of that I'm sure

for a broken heart,there is no cure

grew up with my kids,took all they're madness

sometimes his life has been tinged with sadness.

we took him to the vet,we thought that was it

weren't sure how would take the hit

thank fully he came through,relatively unscathed

his old heart strong through the operation he braved.

we can only hope,he lasts a while

he definitely has lasted the proverbial mile.

An old friend.

Lazy Dog

this was Jake at his happiest time

lazing about the floor,sleepy time.

rises occasionally for food or a drink

eat from his bowl next to the kitchen sink.

back to the living room for another snooze

happy big dog,never had the blues.

Long Walks.

When he was younger we'd walk for miles

benefitted everyone,we got fit,all smiles

when he got old,the frequency would lessen.

it goes with old age,life's long lesson.

he was fun and crazy right to the end

now broken hearts need to mend.


He was photogenic,pleasure to see

hed turn his head when the flash set free.

tried taking his picture,on many an time

hed never sit still,all ended fine.

after many attempts we got some beautiful pics

bribed him with treats,taught him some tricks.

The face melted my heart.


Paid His Dues.

On one night on holiday,Jake protected our home

he chased a housebreaker ,forced him to roam

he charged up the backdoor,Guy nearly had a fit

taking jakes barking,nearly took a hit.

just made it away,dog was so fast

Housebreaker was praying his stamina would last.

Rottweiller Cross

Rottweiller Cross ,he was definitely the boss

cat was a sure last,their carry on was a blast.

constant daily battles scraps,mostly mild

on the odd occasion the battles were wild

.the dog won most of the time,due to his size

maybe he was really clever,older and wise.

The End

End of an era,nearly 15 years

my girls and my wife shed lots of tears.

i cried too as he passed away

needless to say,my very worst day.

never be forgotten,never be replaced

too special by far,I miss his wee face.


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    • bigj1969 profile image

      John Marshall 3 years ago from glasgow

      Thanks Juliane Maala for the comment.

    • Juliane Maala profile image

      Juliane Maala 3 years ago

      "you often wish, they'd last forever

      pets grow with you, all of us together"

      I'm a dog lover and I really wish they would, given that more often than not they're better companions than human beings, however, I've learned that a loss of a loved one is actually not a loss altogether. These losses teach us different values in appreciation, gratitude, and being strong, that most of the time, a loss is a gain.