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MyTribute to my beloved Father in Heaven

Updated on August 5, 2014

I love you father

You were our knight dressed in shining armor
you were that strong metal
into which the gems of the family were studded
you were the hard shell into which the yoke was embedded
you were that foundation pillar that built our hopes
onto which stands today's everlasting frame of our home
You were the strength that underlined our strength
The calm for which we longed.
father is not an act of cowardice
it is an act of courage responsibility , love and otherwise
father is no less than mom in any way
we wait the entire day to meet our you in the chattering way
definitely there is something so special about you
which no one has but it  lied within you
we came into your homes of dreams
And turned it into truth,the truth that we will always remember
so, you are bound to be the special one and on this very day, when everyone hug their fathers
I simply pay tribute to him ,alas!! my father was living and I could be by his side hugging ,kissing and wishing him  Happy father's day !!!
I love you dad, can always feel you within me though you are lost but yet I feel you live within me
accept my tribute, there in Heaven and bless me to be your child again
your love is my treasure ,I thank thee for the love you bestowed on me
You were and will be our knight dressed in shining armor,willing to take all the charges on your Brest what so ever
father be my father again and this time ,never go, leaving me in the turmoil again.


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    • lotuslove19 profile image

      Sarika Mehra 7 years ago

      Thanks ,its my true feeling that has taken the shape of words .

    • profile image

      raj 7 years ago

      well expressed!