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Updated on July 22, 2015

I love to watch the trees dance
Rather than watching drunk people in trance
I love to read books in the park
Rather than flirting in the dark

I love to cook, bake and finding good eats!
Rather than being a slave to a bottle, fad diets and empty sweets
I love talking to a friend with a cup of tea
Rather than a virtual smile, social network likes and tweets

I love closing my eyes while listening to the rain
Rather than listening to scoffers sounding insane
I love poems, riddles and short stories
Rather than gossips, dirty talks and schemes

You might say I'm such a bore
But hey! I'm happy and whole!
Do you really know the meaning of being dull?
It's when you pretend to be someone fun but the truth is you're dead as a skull

The empty smiles and laughter you make
Deep inside you know they are all fake
There's a hole in your heart that's deep, dark and cold
You try to be someone this world will love and hold

Have you tried to stop and be still?
If you do, you will hear a voice whispering in your ear
A voice sweet as honey, bright as the sun and strong as the sea
It will open your mind, heart and soul and you'll start to see

You'll know that living is different from surviving
Start to live and don't be a slave to the devils conjuring
You'll see life as God's gift, not a race for money or fame
Start to listen to God's voice and your life will never be the same



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