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Updated on June 2, 2010 is a website where people go and start up some discussions and can comment on discussions as well as make some extra money doing it. All this sounds good I bet but the reality is this, Mylot is not a good website, you will not make money and chances are you will not be able to make even $20 a month using this website and those are the cold hard facts.

If you are like many of the people who sign up for Mylot you might have found yourself starting as many discussions as you could in one single day but only be left highly frustrated when you realize that you didn’t even make a dollar for all the effort and time you put into Mylot. Here is another hard fact, you won't make a lot of money by posting a whole lot of discussions or replying to discussions.

A lot of people think that they will make a killing or decent income on Mylot when they refer people to the site. You see Mylot pays for active referrals which means the more people a member gets to join the site and if the people the member gets are active within the Mylot community than the more money the member can make. This sounds promising but it really isn’t because the fact is getting referrals are hard enough but even on the off chance you are able to generate a ton of referrals, it is highly unlikely that they will remain active for long so this is wasted effort in my book.

There are better websites to write for and Mylot is legit and they do pay but they do not pay well at all.



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    • profile image

      lewis 5 years ago

      Thanks, I needed that!

    • profile image

      david 7 years ago

      i went to mylot to check it out based off someone else's blog. your right... mylot sucks... Just the ten minutes i spent on that web site, the amount of ads they have, everywhere. they pop up everywhere i click somewhere thinking its going to somewhere else within mylot and it sends me to a different web site. garbage