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Mystery to be Solved While Navigating High School in Intriguing Chapter Book

Updated on August 29, 2020
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Cindy Hewitt is a retired teacher with a passion for children's literature. Read-aloud stories add quality to a child's life experiences.

A Page-Turner With a Mystery to be Solved Along With Navigating High School Drama

A page-turner for teen readers
A page-turner for teen readers | Source

High School Drama With Friends Plus a Mysterious Teacher Creates This Page-Turner for Teens

Friendships, competitions, and diverse personalities are all part of the high school drama during these challenging years for teens. Author Candy Moore Myers captures all of these ingredients that make up the high school years in this chapter book and adds a mystery for the teen characters to solve together. High school friends struggle to understand each other with each one having a strong personality. Teen readers will relate to the girl who only cares about clothes. The competition for a part in the school play threatens to destroy a close friendship. The teacher who seems to have it in for a student is also a part of high school that teen readers can certainly relate to. A high school crush is also part of the drama for the teens at Pandora High.

Pepper is accustomed to being liked by everyone. She encounters a teacher who seems determined to ridicule her with every chance that she gets. She and her friends soon determine that they should make every attempt to discover why the mysterious Mrs. Snowe is known as "the icycle". They devise a plan to spy on this teacher and discover very surprising news. Mrs. Snowe is not who she says she is.

Candy Moore Myers' The Mysterious Icicle is a page turner for teen readers. The chapters are short for easy reading. Candy includes a variety of typical teens who attend high school with a variety of personalities. A life lesson for learning to work together to solve a problem makes this chapter book a story of interest.

The intriguing twist of the mysterious teacher is one that young readers wil find to be of special interest. Teachers are often unfortunately seen as the enemy in our society today. I as a retired teacher do admit that some teachers do give students the impression that they have it in for some students. The twist is that this teacher who has come to Pandora High is not who she says she is. This opens the door to a real problem in our society now that school districts sometimes encounter in the real world of education. I found this to be a brave concept that Myers incorporated into this story.

The Mysterious Icicle is recommended for ages 10-14 and has an ISBN of 978-1096707851.

Black and White Illustrations Add to the Experience of High School at Pandora High


Bring The Mysterious Icicle Into Your Classroom for Engaging Activities and Discussions

Teachers who teach reading and creative writing will want to add Candy Moore Myers' The Mysterious Icicle to their classroom bookshelf. Her chapter book offers opportunities for some creative discussions and writing assignments for teen readers. Chapter books are popular as a shared reading experience. Young readers enjoy reading aloud to each other to improve their reading skills.

*Read a few chapters each day in a reading session. Students can also be assigned to read to a partner.

*Call attention to Pepper's problem with the teacher who she perceives as one who has it in for her with constant ridiculing remarks. Engage students in a class discussion of a teacher that they may have encountered in their school experience. Encourage students not to name a teacher with their actual name.

*Assign a creative writing activity for students to write about a teacher that they may have encountered in a negative way. How would they solve this problem?

*Engage students in a discussion of the student characters at Pandora High. Can they identify with any of the characters in reality? There is always one girl similar to Heather who is only concerned with her clothes. What about conflicts with best friends when there is a competitive activity such as the class play and there is competition for a special part in the play? How can students find ways to solve these typical problems that come with the experience of high school?

*Engage students in a discussion of the mystery to be solved. What would they do if they discovered something about a teacher in their high school who was not who they claimed to be?

© 2020 Cindy Hewitt


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