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Narcissus In Peril - Enter The Zombies - Part 7

Updated on September 20, 2018
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Cathy Nerujen is a book editor, author, poet, and magazine creator. In her spare time she blogs about writing and co-runs "Webonist".


A List of the story excerpts so far...

PART 1. A Well Of Wishes
PART 2. Narcissus Makes A Wish
PART 3. Our Well OF WISHES - Third Part
PART 4. "Our Well Of Wishes" continued
PART 5. Undergoing review
PART 7. You have arrived here. (Warning, this is epic long!)

Synopsis: Time period is the present, where Gods live alongside ordinary mere mortals. So far the Nymph Echo has rescued our hero Narcissus, (a nightclub dancer) from a place known as the Well of Tears. Narcissus almost died from just endlessly gazing at his own reflection. Echo falls in love with Narcissus, entranced by his physical beauty, despite Narcissus loving himself more. But two other women, Hera - wife of the god Zeus (who is also a car sales boss) and Miss Nem Esis, a dance club owner both want Echo done away with, and they want Narcissus dead. Narcissus - in this world, more like our world - is a dancer working for Miss Nem Esis, and she hates him, thinking that the man just loves himself too much. He just looks too damn good.

When Narcissus and Echo elope, a spark is kindled. Now Miss Nem Esis wants that spark snuffed out. Hera agrees, having found that Zeus, her husband once fancied the nymph and played the field with her a little, has her own axe to grind. What they don't know - is that someone is secretly trying to save both the hapless lovers... and that story element appears here for the first time.

Story news update

Due to very popular demand, the next installment of this series has been now written by Cheeky Girl (aka Cassy Mantis) and we will let you know when and where it appears. Whether here in HubPages or elsewhere.

Thank you.

Cathy (September 2018)

Welcome to the Seventh installment of the Narcissus Drama. This will appeal to fans of Zombies, Monster fiction, sci-fi, fantasy and romcoms. You can read this as a full story on its own as well as part of the narcissus story. It includes a synopsis of everything up to now.This is my first contribution to the highly read humorous series of Narcissus Hubs. Part drama, part film treatment, part comedy, even part sexy. Cheeky Girl will be writing the next one, due for publishing in the near future.

List of characters:
, the self-absorbed man-boy who resides in the body of a god. (Image portrayed by Mark Sanchez.)

ECHO, young nymph who falls for Narcissus, and who's in it for the long haul. (Image portrayed by Hilary Rhoda)

Ms. NEM ESIS, boss lady who owns "Smyna's Cabaret" and "God and Goddesses", she put a curse on the Nymph Echo. (Image portrayed by Julianne Moore.)

AMEINIAS, our hapless man-eater man. He fancies Narcissus. But will he turn to the dark side? Will it all turn "Greek"? (Image portrayed by Thomas Jane.)

PAN, the lecherous satyr who is looking to start some sh*it in the realm. Portrayed by the 2001 winner of the Ft. Worth stock and rodeo show. Pan won in the manimal category.

HERA, wife of Zeus. She also wants Echo out of the way. Image portrayed by Anne Archer.

New characters:

Apollo, God of War - he does the bidding of ZEUS.
Wombat and Wombat, funny twin private detectives who represent a secret powerful client. (Image portrayed by the Thompson Twins.)
Nestor, a waiter at the Secret Garden tea House.
Praetorian Guards to Echo - Huntress (image portrayed by Ashley Scott)
- second Praetorian. (Image portrayed by Shakira)
Zombies. – flesh eating crazies

ACT 7, Scene 1
Ameinias’ Apartment at the “Tenderloin Condominiums”.

Ameinias is at home and making a meal and pouring himself a glass of wine. In the background, the TV burbles in a low hum. Ameinias thinks back over his strange day. His encounter with Narcissus, then his meeting with Pan. Ameinias really doesn’t like Pan at all. Pan reminds him of men he has known and not liked. Too much hair for one thing. Ameinias gazes out across the city - quiet and usual traffic and usual pace of life. Nothing different from the ordinary. And yet things are different. He has made his liking public to the Beautiful Dancer Narcissus. He wonders how will things turn out for them both. In his heart he makes a fervent wish. Soon he will state his true love for Narcissus and hope the God will feel the same way about him. He tries to push the thoughts of Echo out of his mind. She is just in the way of everything.

There is a loud knock at the door. Ameinias wonders who this is and mutes the TV where “One Man Army” is on Discovery Channel. He opens the door and Narcissus stands there looking tanned, fit and buff, but looking dejected and sad.

The Story So Far


Ameinias: (Squeal!) Narcissus, my wonderful Narcissus, come in – come in!

Narcissus: Thanks Ameinias. Say, I hope you don’t mind my arriving uninvited and all. I just had a row with my Girlfriend Echo.

Ameinias literally pulls Narcissus into the room, to Narcissus’ surprise.

Ameinias: I was just thinking about you, Narcissus. Imagine that. What great telepathy we have.

Narcissus : We do? I didn’t notice...

Ameinias: I am just about to sit down to a meagre evening meal. Nothing too extravagant you understand. Some Pasta Carbonerra with olive oil Basil Pesto, some Bruschetta lightly browned in the grill and a glass of Peppoli Chianti Classico, with a nice hint of coffee and vanilla... er... would you like to share?

Narcissus: Wow, Ameinias, you really live in style and you eat so well! A Cheeseburger or some Trix Cereal would usually do me. Oh wow, “One Man Army” I love this show! A feat of strength, cunning and agility! All qualities I don’t have.

Ameinias: Oh Narcissus, don’t say that! You are terrific! Have you no ambition? You should have more belief in yourself than that! You look so stressed and tensed up! Sit sit SIT! I will serve! Just relax, while Ameinias tends to you.

They sit and Ameinias fusses over Narcissus, thrilled at having him here in his apartment again. He serves the food on two plates. He pours the wine. Narcissus looks haggard and tired, and looks despondent.

Ameinias: So can I ask what happened to you with your er... lady friend...

Narcissus: Oh we had a weird argument. She admitted that she originally met me over at the Well of Souls, and wanted to do me wrong, but she fell in love with me instead... and I think I'm falling in love with her. I'm not sure. It's confusing, this love thing. We even shared the bed sheets and we made love and we did the Hunka Chunka and even tried ....

Ameinias: Oh Narcissus, you don’t have to go into a graphical breakdown of what you did with her. She is obviously such a tease. And you are obviously besotted by her physical female attributes....Hey is that a new Apple iWatch or something?...

Ameinias points to the beautiful gold wrist strap of chainmail gold on Narcissus’ wrist with a black round face. The face of it is pure jet black dark and shines with a curious allure.

Narcissus: H’mm? It's some other weird new one. It’s something my Grandfather ZEUS gave me. Oh but Ameinias... she is beautiful and smells of Lavender and has the body of a True Oread Nymph... she tastes like Juniper in the ripe season...

Ameinias (a hint of anger in his voice): Oh Heh! Please say nothing more about her...I don’t want to hear it.

Narcissus: But she has the most amazing pair of...

Ameinias crashes his cup down hard on the saucer, making Narcissus jump.

Ameinias: So you broke up? Is that it?

Narcissus: It feels so strange. I don’t know why I’m telling you this, Ameinias. But you are a nice guy and I like you....

Ameinias (week at the knees): Oh I I like you too, Narcissus...

Narcissus: ...And I trust you enough to tell you this. ...

Ameinias: Let me guess? You are going to tell her to pack her bags and sling her hook? Get her out of your life and then you and I can get...

Narcissus: I’m going to go back and try to have a sensible conversation with her. I need her to know how I feel. I feel betrayed... but I still have feelings for her! I am not used to talking to girls, Ameinias. This is all new to me... I am more of a guy’s guy. But she loves me and I think she told me the truth because she was trying to reach out to me... and I ..... I.....oh... I am in two minds. The other part of me wants to shout and curse and defy the first part of me. I need to think about this. This is a new experience for me, Ameinias.

Ameinias gets up and walks to the kitchen (as a pretense to get more wine, but really to hide his anguish and fear). He is afraid of losing Narcissus. Ameinias is crazy about Narcissus...

Ameinias: Speaking of “new experience”, Narcissus, I want to try something new with you... and I want to see if you are able to ... er... how can I put it? I want to take our ... er... friendship to the next men...

Fade out.


Scene 2: Ms. Nem Esis’ rooms at the top of Smyrna’s Cabaret.

Ms. Nem Esis has two slices of cucumber placed over each eye and her hair is tied back in a bun. Scented candles are lit everywhere, and the smell is beautiful. She is being pampered by her stylist – she is sitting, having her nails done and a pedicure. She feels like she is in Girly heaven. She is planning a girly night out and is getting ready. Her servants are all partly naked and she likes to have naked servants to serve upon her – it makes the pampering and feeling of power over them all the more satisfying. Especially one servant girl, who is young and pretty.

All the business relating to Echo and that annoying man-child Narcissus is annoying her and she needs to get out and let her hair down. Tonight is her night and there will be no interruptions. The rest of the world can damn well wait.

Suddenly the peace is broken by a loud insistent knock on the door. A servant opens it and argues with someone outside. There are raised voices.

Ms. Nem Esis: What’s that racket? Get rid of them, whoever it is....

The door is thrown open and two men – bald and with large mustaches and rain coats but impeccably dressed enter her room and present their cards. They are a curious sight for this part of town.

Men in Coats: Excuse our intrusion, but are you Ms. Nem Esis?

Ms. Nem Esis: Yes I am, what is the meaning of this – barging into my chambers like this?... I will have security throw you out...

Men in Coats: We suggest you abate that order, for your own sake!

Ms. Nem Esis: What!? How DARE you!

A servant puts the mens cards in Ms. Nem Esis’ hand and she scans them.

Ms. Nem Esis: Private Detectives? What is going on here?

Ms. Nem Esis shoos her stylists away and she stands up. This is most unusual. Is someone having a joke on her, she wonders? If there is a joke here, she will wreak vengeance and havoc on whoever it is... The cards read “WOMBAT AND WOMBAT – PRIVATE DETECTIVES AND USHERS OF BAD NEWS”. The card has a 3D print style that makes a curious Greek letter appear and disappear. Expensive. There is something strange about this card, but she can’t figure out what it is.

Wombat: Vengeance is a very dangerous game, Ms. Nem Esis.

Ms. Nem Esis: What do you mean?

Wombat: My dear lady, this is the time to swallow your pride and open your eyes. There is a bigger game afoot, and the game gets more dangerous the more you play it...

Ms. Nem Esis stares at this man very hard. No man has ever stood toe to toe with her and uttered words like this to her. There is a coldness and chilling finality to the words and she stands back a bit in shock.

Ms. Nem Esis: Wombat and Wombat? What ah... curious names? Are you twins?

Wombat: Yes we are.

Other Wombat: To be precise, we are identical in every way...two for the price of one.

Wombat: Two are far better than one...

Ms. Nem Esis: Who sent you?

Wombat: We cannot say, for now. Our client insists on it, on penalty of death.

Ms. Nem Esis: Hah! And is your client always so magnanimous?

Wombat: No, our client is not fat whatsoever.

Ms. Nem Esis: Er, sorry? I lost you...

Wombat: Our client is a person who has no enemies...

Ms. Nem Esis: And why is that?

Wombat: Because all the enemies of our client are dead.

Ms. Nem Esis: Strange, all my enemies are dead too.

Wombat: Be that as it may, you have placed a curse on a Nymph, an Oread named Echo. And you must take back that curse.

Ms. Nem Esis: And should I refuse?

Ms Nem Esis is interrupted by a strange sound of rolling thunder in the distance.

Wombat: Listen here. We are the real thing. You have initiated a curse that will have very far reaching consequences. You are interfering in the shaping of a life. More than you could ever imagine. Do not bluff with us. Our client is a Powerful and Mighty person. Rescind it or else pay the consequences.

Ms. Nem Esis is incredulous. How can this be happening? Echo is a mere nothing. A person of no consequence. An Oread nymph who has a sweet voice and certainly beautiful. But a woman who over-stepped her mark with Ms. Nem Esis.

Echo played the “friend” with some Gods and she caught the eye of the idiot dancer Narcissus. This cannot be about them. They are just not important enough! And so the Oread will have to pay for what she did. And how can be she possibly be someone of such importance? This makes no sense...

Ms. Nem Esis: I will not rescind any curse. I will curse anyone who crosses me. I have the right, as a Goddess of Retribution.I exercise that right. Your client can get stuffed, and you get stuffed as well. I doubt your client has the power to match mine.

Wombat and Wombat look at each other. They raise their two arms and touch what seems to be their wrist watches, which seem to change colour. Somewhere far off, a strange change is palpable in the air. They all feel it. As though the temperature suddenly went lower...

Wombat: We must report this to our client at once. Our client likes to get bad news immediately. Oh and by the way...

Ms. Nem Esis (nervously): Yes...?

Wombat: Our client is also a God. And a much more powerful one than you.

Wombat: You have started a thing that cannot be undone, unless you take back that curse, Ms. Nem Esis.

Ms. Nem Esis: Please – who is your client? Perhaps I can meet her or him.

Wombat: Our client speaks through us, there is no other way.

Wombat: To be precise, we do the talking for our clients. We’re full of it...

Ms. Nem Esis: then that is too bad for your ...

Wombat: We’re leaving...

The two Wombat Detectives turn haughtily with their noses in the air and march to the nearest door, yank it open and step... right into a drinks cabinet.

Ms. Nem Esis: That’s my drinks Cabinet. What are you, BLIND?

Wombat: Oh sorry...

Other Wombat: Oh dear. Excuse us...

The Wombats dust themselves off - in a rather comical fashion, fix their hats, then dof their hats most courteously to Nem Esis and are already leaving the room before she finishes her words. The door slams. The lights in the room flicker and blink off and on, as though a power break happened. A strange shiver crawls down Ms. Nem Esis’ spine, for reasons she can’t explain. What a most curious meeting with two very strange men. And why such an interest in Echo? And who is the mysterious client?

Servant: What do you want to do, Ms. Nem Esis?

Ms. Nem Esis: Do? I don’t know if they are dead serious or dead stupid. Bringing down that loser Narcissus is my business, and no one else's damn business. Order my Security to have those two men followed, discretely. Find out who they contact and find out who their client is. Also take this message and see that Pan the Satyr gets it as soon as possible.

Ms. Nem Esis scribbles out a short note and folds it into a sealed envelope and gives it to the servant.

Ms. Nem Esis: ...Apart from that - to hell with those clods. I’m off out to party. Get your tush over here and finish that pedicure! Hurry it up! Nothing interferes with my plans.

But inwardly Ms. Nem Esis wonders should she contact Hera? She dismisses it as a bad idea. No point in troubling the wife of Zeus with a trivial matter. She notices her hand is trembling slightly. Outside her window, she can hear sirens wailing and a loud commotion but she ignores whatever is causing the noise.

Hera - wife of Zeus


Scene 3: Hera in the Secret Garden Tea House.

Hera is sitting comfortably in a chaise Long and flipping through a movie brochure while her meal is served. She eyes the cover photo of a pure stud in the form of actor Michael Madsen, while the waiter lights up her Cohiba and she sucks it slowly, savoring it as the smoke fills her lungs. H'mm, an actor as a poet. Interesting.

Apart from her reading material, her evening is it’s usual boring normal self. Her life is very calm and there is seldom any excitement in the life of the Wife of Zeus. She has all the things a Woman like her could ever need. Wealth, bitcoins, an infinite credit line at Gucci, power and immortality. (And a top of the range iPad.) She thinks back to the meeting she had with Ms. Nem Esis from earlier on. She is glad that they both are on the same page about wanting to sort out the self-absorbed Narcissus, and Echo, the Nymph who crossed her. Echo is a beautiful Oread Nymph but she was too fancy free with the Gods, and Zeus, her husband. She must DIE!

Outside the tea House, she can see dark clouds rolling across the skies, dark and ominous. These clouds are darker and furtive and more nastier than usual. This only happens when the Gods are angry.

Waiter Nestor: Oh Your Ladyship, a message for you....

Hera: Let me see, Nestor.

She reads the message on the silver tray presented smoothly by the waiter who bows perfectly. She reads it. Then she blinks and reads it again. Only Gods can read these messages, they operate on a level that only Gods can control. The waiter usually sees nothing but a blank card. Hera, however - sees a full printed message, and a Royal stamp on it.

Hera: That is... that is impossible.... how can that be? Does he wish to see me now?

Waiter Nestor: I am but the messenger, Hera.

Hera: Of course. Of course. Thank you, Nestor. Oh Nestor, are there any other messages?

Waiter Nestor: No Hera. Just this one.

Hera: Thank you, I must go at once.

Hera gets up, puts on her fur coat, assisted by Nestor, and orders her Stretched Limo, and heads to the exit. There is trouble in the Human World. But what kind of trouble? She has been summoned by the Council of the Gods, and the message is marked Most Urgent. But why?

Pan the Satyr


Scene 4: Narcissus’ Bachelor pad at “The Elysian Fields” apartments.

Pan the Satyr sits outside the apartment in his car, and licks his lips, then fixes his mass of hair in the rear-view mirror. Masses and masses of hair. A man-like beast with horns, strength and power, Pan has something of a shine for the young and beautiful Echo. He is very taken by her. And his Satyr-ish urges are urging him to go inside and do things with her that Narcissus would certainly not approve. Except that Narcissus the over-muscled dancer fool is not home now. He is off over in Ameinias’ Condo chewing the fat, and maybe chewing the meat too. Who can say? Pan laughs to himself out loud. Then he scratches his mammy-daddy bits, as they are starting to itch like hell now since that moron Ameinias had him shaven and shorn “down there” earlier.

Pan gets out and walks towards the Narcissus apartment. Somewhere nearby there is a row and he can hear yelling and screaming. In the light of the full moon, he sees strange shapes lurking in shadows, and a strange yelling is loud and getting closer. There seems to be a sort of weird atmosphere about.

Some women run screaming past him and they scream when they see Pan, and they run in another direction. Pan ignores them, he's used to that reaction from girls who see a Satyr. Then Pan sees a gang of strange looking men snarling and limping slowly after the women. They disappear around a corner and vanish. Pan reckons there must be some kind of party going on. In the bushes nearby there are strange crunching, almost munching sounds and moaning. There is a definite weird atmosphere about, but he can’t figure out what it is. Pan scratches his head, then his crotch.

Pan: Damned hair ... itchy as hell...

Echo the Oread Nymph


As Pan arrives on the floor of the apartment, he sees the door open and two strange men leave. They are bald with large mustaches and long coats. They seem to attend to what looks like their watches for some reason. Pan eyes them intently. They wave goodbye to Echo, who waves back cheerily to them. She goes inside. The two men seem very business-like, and head to the elevators.

Pan goes to the Apartment door, and knocks. As he waits for the door to open, the clouds in the sky nearby rumble loudly. Arcs of lightning flash in the distance. It’s going to be a rough night. The door opens and Oread Nymph Echo stands there. Pan stares at her in wonder. She is wearing an evening gown and low cut at the front, she is even more beautiful than he realizes.

Echo: Oh we’re not interested... we don’t buy encyclopedias, we have the internet...

Pan: Excuse me – I am a friend of Narcissus and a pal of Ameinias...

Echo: I’m sorry I don’t know you.

Pan: You are even more beautiful than I imagined you to be up close...

Echo: I’m sorry... have we met?

Pan: Do you know how long I have waited for this...

She is looking at his nether regions.

Echo: Are you Jewish?

Pan: Uh crap, no! I keep getting that. It was just a bet.

Echo: Mazeltov!

Pan: Listen, we both know you don’t love...oops...

Suddenly there is another person standing beside Echo. A woman, fit and athletic, and wearing a hood, which covers her face stares warily at Pan. Over her shoulder is a Bow and a Quiver of nasty looking arrows.

Pan: Uh, who the hell are you?

Echo: Oh she is a Praetorian. She is my protector for the next few days, till things clear over.

Pan: Praetorian? Wow, are you under protection or something?

Echo: Yes, I am now the ward of two Private Detectives who are responsible for my security. Very nice chaps. Sort of British and very quaint. Tee hee. (She chuckles here.) Would you like to come in, Mr Pan? Huntress won’t bite. But don’t try any funny sh*t.

Pan enters her abode, thanking the Gods that Echo is an innocent and so trusting. Pan is aware that his every move is watched closely by the Praetorian. All he knows about Praetorians is that they are Guards who protect important folks. And they are damn good at it. The apartment is clean and has been obviously done up and reflects a woman’s tastes. Pan is trying to think of some pretext so he can get rid of the damn Bodyguard woman and have Echo all to himself. Huntress seems to have a knack of blending into the shadows too well. He wonders do all Praetorians do that. Stories of their ability to conceal themselves in plain sight are legendary.

The TV is on full blare. A News announcer is blaring out dire warnings about something. At first Pan takes no notice of it, as he watches riots in the background. Then the volume increases.

Announcer: (In a voice not unlike Howard Cassell) "...Again, we urge everyone to stay at home and remain calm. There are Zombies raiding the local city shopping malls and shopping areas. Police have been inundated by calls for help as riots break out everywhere. Authorities describe it as a mass Hysteria! Some people have been asking whether the producers of the popular TV show "The Walking Dead" are shooting episodes here locally, but this has been denied, saying shooting only happens in the state of Georgia..."

The camera cuts to scenes of Police shooting Zombies as they lurch and limp slowly towards Police cars. The Zombies are immune to some of the weaponary and just keep walking. A tall man from a news channel with a microphone stops one and asks who he works for and who is organizing the public stunt, but the TV interviewer is pulled to the ground and set upon by Zombies. Screaming follows and the camera footage stops, and cuts to something else.

Pan: What’s going on? Mass riots? Hysteria? What gives?

Echo: Oh haven’t you’s ZEUS!

Fade out.


Scene 5. Zeus’ Headquarters.

Hera is standing in the hallowed Hallways of the Citadel of Zeus. This is where all key decisions of the Gods are made. Loud Choral music sounds everywhere, and spotlights shine from the ceilings down on the Gods and Zeus, who is in the middle of the crowd. There are also posters of many cars and SUVs on the walls. Zeus is also a successful Car Dealer, and never misses an opportunity to help promote his successful car Business! Plenty of potential buyers here tonight! And Zeus is surrounded by Senators and other Gods. There is a great solemn mood in the Halls.

Hera: This is a disaster! How could he do this?

Apollo (Sitting nearby, and sipping a glass of wine and eating some peanuts): Oh it is sad for the Humans but look at the business it is generating! Harsh but necessary, Hera. Zeus knows what he is doing.

Hera: But he has declared WAR on the Human world! Even you, the god Apollo himself stands here... and yet you laugh at this chaos!

Apollo: Oh thank you, Hera. And it is hardly war. War is a last resort. We have better ways of punishing humans now...thanks to the Panopticon. We don't need war. This is just a pandemic disease! A mere bagatelle. Small potatoes, Hera!

Hera: You call placing a curse of a Plague and Zombies on all mankind “small potatoes”? My Husband has condemned all mankind over some trivial issue! Bringing down the whole human race?

Apollo: The curse on Echo is no ordinary matter. A punishment is necessary!

Hera: What? Curse on Echo? I need to speak to Zeus at once! He must NOT do this!

Apollo: It is too late. He is furious! Ms. Nem Esis has placed a curse on Echo the Oread Nymph and unless the curse is taken back and undone – Zeus is cursing mankind with a deadly Zombie PLAGUE until the curse is lifted! It will concentrate her tiny little vengeful mind.

Hera: So what you are saying is this... all humans are going to turn into flesh eating Zombies until some minor curse is lifted on some Oread of no importance?

Apollo: Yes, and the Gods Council have agreed. We have done it before, so why not? Man needs to be given a punishment. Lately man has been acting more and more like the Gods, destroying their world and wrecking their lands and their banks and reducing the poor to slave status... slavery and penury... humanity stumbles again...

Hera: But they are humans, they are supposed to be our slaves anyway.

Apollo: Yes, but we don’t exactly tell them that! And they need a sharp lesson in humility. There is too much turmoil and uncertainty and imbalance in the Human world. This will teach them to behave themselves. They need to know their place.

Hera: This will send them back to the stone age!

Apollo: Yes. What fun it will be! No internet, no destruction, no hatred! No fast food outlets! No “America’s Got Talent” ... just lots of people reduced to almost nothing, with very large appetites! Right now there are millions of people on earth everywhere eating and chasing and biting each other and spreading their disease and destruction! Just like the good ol’ days!

Hera: Zeus has gone too far. This is too much! This is overkill! This will also place Echo in danger... has he no sense?

Apollo: Zeus has Echo under the protection of some special people, who have carte blanche when it comes to her safety. And Zeus has noticed your little involvement in this little matter with Echo too. He means to have words with you, Hera. If the matter is as trivial as you say, then the woman Ms Nem Esis should be able to take back her curse...

Hera: No, my husband has gone too far. He will ruin everything! Damn him...

Hera leaves the great Hall, furious.



Scene 6: Ameinias’ Apartment at the “Tenderloin Condominiums”.

Ameinias and Narcissus are together. Narcissus is lying flat on his back on a large couch and Ameinias is giving him a massage. Narcissus is very content. After the earlier spat with Echo and their falling out with each other, this is just what Narcissus needs. Some pampering and indulgence at the hands of a very eager Ameinias.

Narcissus: Oh wow, this is great! My back feels so great and my neck is so relaxed too! My Loins are so tender...

Ameinias: Taaaadaaah! This massage is great for eliminating stress and strain! Plus I get to check out your amazing muscles and impressive ...uh... figure....

Narcissus: Oh hey, no problem!

Narcissus sits up and Ameinias massages his back and shoulders – digging his fingers into Narcissus’ muscles.

Narcissus: I should get Echo to give me a Shiatsu massage! This is so invigorating!

Ameinias: I’m glad you like it, lover. But I can do a Shiatsu better than anyone! I’m the bestus in the whole world when it comes to man massage!...

Narcissus: This is very awesome! Oh, is that your mobile phone sticking in my hip?

Ameinias: Mobile?...LOL! No, that is not my mobile! I’m hard as a ....

Narcissus: Aw whatever! I am too happy and relaxed to be bothered or worried about anything in the whole wide world...

Ameinias: So Narcissus, tell me – do you feel anything more than just relaxed. Do you feel something else? Something down there perhaps?...

Narcissus: Uuuuh, whaddya mean?....

Ameinias: Heh! Oh you know what I mean, lover! Something hot and ...

Ameinias leans down and plants a sweet kiss on the back of Narcissus’ neck. Narcissus jumps up suddenly! Ameinias panics!

Ameinias: Oh Narcissus, I’m sorry.....! It was just a peck...

Narcissus hasn’t noticed he has been kissed, and runs over to the TV and raises the volume. They both stare at the screen and the News Alert that is flashing across all the TV channels. Narcissus grabs the remote and raises the volume.

Zombies on the loose


Announcer: Again, we are urging all citizens to stay indoors! This is a real Emergency. FEMA have announced an outbreak and are ordering all people to remain indoors and not to panic. DO NOT LEAVE YOUR HOMES FOR ANY REASON! THERE ARE REPORTS OF FLESH EATING ZOMBIES ROAMING THE STREETS AND SHOPPING MALLS. FEMA ARE URGING EVERYONE TO STAY HOME AND LOCK ALL DOORS AND WINDOWS.

Narcissus: Are you seeing this? This is unbelievable!

Ameinias: Tha... that is incredible! Zombies! Flesh eating crazed men all lusting after other men... that’s so ...

Narcissus: Gosh, that’s so bizarre!

Ameinias: damn kinky!

Narcissus: Huh?

Ameinias: We should definitely lock the door! We’ll be much safer and we can huddle close together.... hey, maybe we should climb into the bed together and snuggle, just in case... I can keep you warm...

Narcissus: Ameinias I have to head back to Echo! She needs me...she may be in danger!

Ameinias: Oh no, lover! Don’t leave me! Stay with me! I need you here! (Squeals!)

Narcissus: Oh, darn I need to get over to my apartment! Ameinias I have to leave...

Ameinias: Oh no! Just when we were getting so close and so cosy together! Oh drat on it!...

Ameinias throws himself on Narcissus and kisses him like crazy. Narcissus pushes him off, laughing!

Narcissus: Whoa! Steady on there, doggy! Down boy! I have to get outa here! Damn, you’re a strange one! Whassup with you?

Ameinias: Don’t you know? Haven’t you guessed? Can’t you feel it inside you? Doesn’t your heart tell you how I feel?

Narcissus: Duh, yeah dude! It tells me you might be turning into a damn Vampire!

Ameinias: Vampire? Oh, come on!

Narcissus: Okay, maybe a Zombie then.

Narcissus unlocks the door and peeks outside. The hall is quiet and the coast seems clear! No Zombies in sight.


Narcissus: We’ll pick this up again, Amigo! Lock your door after I’m gone! I don’t want to have to worry about you too. Thanks for the Massage, you Tiny Dancer... you know, for a minute there I thought you were GAY! Hah!

Ameinias: But.... but....

Narcissus leaves the surprised looking open-mouthed Ameinias. He tiptoes down the hallway and disappears. Ameinias looks crestfallen and he gives an almighty sob!

Ameinias: But I AM shoot...

Ameinias closes and locks the door tightly.

Out in the corridor, Narcissus takes in his surroundings, and heads to the elevator. When he finds it, he discovers it's out of order, and there are blood pools on the floor. A bead of sweat dribbles down his neck. Narcissus swallows hard and decides to take the staircase. There is an awful smell. As he heads downwards the lights flicker on and off. His heart is beating like a train and he is very scared. It is strangely eerie and quiet. Nearby he can hear strange animal sounds. Suddenly from below he hears footsteps. He peeps over the handrail... straight at a gang of Zombies heading up the stairs. They begin moaning and yelling. They look hungry. They have seen him.

Narcissus heads back up the stairs, but suddenly a large blood-soaked Zombie, covered in holes and gored from some horrible event appears above him, moaning loudly. Then it roars and the other zombies below moan loudly as if in reply...

Narcissus runs out a side door and down another hall and more Zombies appear! Narcissus breaks into a panic. Suddenly he notices his watch with its black face is blinking a blue color. He ignores it and looks around in desperation. He sees a door into a cleaning closet and opens it and runs in and locks the latch behind him. Just in time. He hears the Zombies scratching and moaning and snarling outside! He’s trapped!

Narcissus: Oh no... I am so scared! Monsters are going to eat me....I'm too young and buff to die....

He looks at his watch and wonders why the heck it’s flashing blue... Narcissus sticks his thumb in his mouth and starts blubbering. From beyond the door, sounds of snarling and howling are getting louder.... and Narcissus the dancer weeps, meek closeted Narcissus in Peril. Narcissus in the closet. If only they could see him now...


Scene 7: Narcissus’ Bachelor pad at “The Elysian Fields” apartments.

Pan is getting pissed off. He wanted to find Echo the woman of his dreams that he has been so taken by – and have her all to himself. Instead, he has found she is here, but in the protection of a Praetorian. Pan thinks furiously. He has no way of knowing how to deal with one of these. But he is so infatuated by Echo the Oread Nymph that he is prepared to try anything. But there is a new wrinkle...

Pan: So Echo, uh... tell me ...Zeus has placed a curse on the humans to punish them for something?

Echo: How do you know it is a curse?

Pan: Oh uh.... no reason at all! What could I possibly know! I am merely a harmless Satyr ...oh say... is that the bedroom in there?...

Echo: Yes but I wouldn’t go in there... Don’t disturb....

Fast as a streak of lightning, Pan turns and charges the Praetorian Huntress, and head butts her with his horns and she is crushed against the wall and crumples in a heap. Pan tilts around and runs at Echo, throws her over his shoulder and runs into the dark bedroom beyond, and locks the door behind him. He laughs, as Echo yells – she is thrown on the bed, and she screams!

Pan: Now were are alone and you are alone and defenseless! Just how I like it! I am going to take what is rightfully mine, my little Angel!

Echo: What are you doing, you crazy animal?

Pan: Bleeeeeeehhht! Don’t call me a crazy animal! Bitch!....


Echo is looking over his shoulder past him.

Echo: Don't try to bring me down. You are not welcome here. There is something you should know about Praetorians. They ah....they move very fast...

Pan: So what! So do I! I am nimble on my feet! Hooves even! Bleeeeet!

Echo: ...And one more thing, you big hairy bastard... Praetorians always travel in pairs.....

Pan: You little bitch! Big hairy... wha.. wait a second... Pairs? What the hell kind of chickensh*t game do you think....huh...?

Behind him, Pan hears a low growl. It is an animal noise. It is in the room with them. He knows that noise. It is one animal he does not like and his ears know this awful sound.

Pan the satyr turns, moving very fast - but seen by Echo as though in slow motion... his head tilting as he pivots round, and his heart sinks... as he sees now - a woman that he had failed to spot before entering the room - dressed in a strange short jacket with a hood, slender but incredibly fit - running towards him at high speed... as he stares into her face – her features morph from a stunning woman into the face of a beast... a Wolf... Suddenly the shewolf is on him, talons are nailing him, in through his tough hide, somehow pinning him and he feels sharp teeth sink into his shoulder. Pan screams!

As they crash to the floor, the door bursts off its hinges and the first female Praetorian Huntress swoops into the room! There is a blur of an arrow flying through the air and a sharp pain explodes under Pan’s arm. He has been shot by an arrow. Praetorians here? In pairs... How the hell...? The pain is indescribable - excruciating. They pounce on him!

Outside in the night, animal sounds echo through the dark littered street, as feasting Zombies hear the screams of Pan the satyr, and they slowly begin to trudge towards the source of the screaming. They have no one thing in mind, since their minds are gone. They have only one thing to contemplate. Fresh meat...

To be continued...

The Next part of Narcissus in Peril will be written by Cheeky Girl (Cassandra Mantis). Due for release in 2017. Stay tuned!

Text and writing Copyright (c) 2012 - 2017 Cathy Nerujen and Cassandra Mantis this version.

ELO - Don't Bring Me Down

Next part coming at you soon! Need brains....
Next part coming at you soon! Need brains.... | Source

© 2012 Cathy Nerujen


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    • Astra Nomik profile imageAUTHOR

      Cathy Nerujen 

      8 years ago from Edge of Reality and Known Space

      I can't wait. :)

    • Cheeky Girl profile image

      Cassandra Mantis 

      8 years ago from UK and Nerujenia

      I HAVE SOME GREAT NEWS! The new Narcissus Hub is almost ready! If you love this nutty loveable guy and this love story, you'll love the new hub!

    • Astra Nomik profile imageAUTHOR

      Cathy Nerujen 

      8 years ago from Edge of Reality and Known Space

      I have just seen the poster for the next Part and I will publish it on this hub somewhere before the end of the day, as it is very cool. :)

    • Astra Nomik profile imageAUTHOR

      Cathy Nerujen 

      8 years ago from Edge of Reality and Known Space

      Cassy is writing the next part. It's very funny. :)

    • Astra Nomik profile imageAUTHOR

      Cathy Nerujen 

      8 years ago from Edge of Reality and Known Space

      Hehehe.... oh wow, you have an obsession with him. That happens. Why not say something to him? You never know, Nikki. LOL.

      Hi Acaetnna, thank you and yes, it took ages. Some of AA. Zavala's hubs from before this part were just as long, I think. It's a funny story and any of the writers can add what they like to develop it further. It's fun.

    • acaetnna profile image


      8 years ago from Guildford

      Great fun, I enjoyed this. Wow this took a lot of input and time to write I guess but it's turned out brilliantly. Well done Cathy.

    • Nikkij504gurl profile image

      Beautiful Garbage 

      8 years ago from Louisiana

      haha cuz my obsession over the guy is going unwanted lol or unnoticed lol duh.

    • Astra Nomik profile imageAUTHOR

      Cathy Nerujen 

      8 years ago from Edge of Reality and Known Space

      All those Greeks are so confusing, Nikki. LOL. There are so many of them. Hehehe. Apollo is okay, his job is not under threat. But he'll have to re-submit his resume if he wants to be in the next one, according to Cassy. OMG that is so funny. :)

      Oh no, having these for neighbors would be totally bad, Nikki. You know an "Ameinias"? That is um... impressive. Heh. Me call you Ameinias? Um why is that. Oh wait, let me guess. ;)

    • Nikkij504gurl profile image

      Beautiful Garbage 

      8 years ago from Louisiana

      haha yea. idk maybe in some versions he is but I know Aries to be the God of war. I forget what Apollo is. it might be something similar. Any who yea if they were real OMG that would be a scary world to live in haha. Yea i do know this one guy i can say is just as SLOOOOOOWWWWWW as our narcissus. lol I guess u can call me Ameinias lol

    • Astra Nomik profile imageAUTHOR

      Cathy Nerujen 

      8 years ago from Edge of Reality and Known Space

      Hi Fehl. Oh can I hug you like crazy? LOL. Yes, this monster has had my brain taxed for so long and I finally finished it a week ago, more or less. Cassy went to town on the graphics and made some fun things and she helped write bits too. She is now my in-house art director. LOL. I thought thinking up the story would be difficult, but it is just um ... well, planning things out, I guess. But much of this was created by the previous writers too.

      I had a lot of fun writing it, I admit. And Shakira as She wolf. She is a total babe, is she not? Guess where the name Shewolf came from....? Heh. I think you know, Fehl. Thank you for reading my epic large hub. :)

      Hi Nikki. Oh you get hugs too. LOL. Yes, Narcissus is s typical guy. LOL. Okay, that is typical where I come from. Heh.

      Zombies are fun to put in here. Cassy has some great ideas for the Zombies in the next part. My writing is tame compared to her bold mind. I just wanted to have fun with it. And I did. Hehehe.

      Oh Apollo not the war guy? Then what was I reading that said he was? OMG. LOL. Well the die is cast now. And it is fiction, as you say. Could you imagine these characters being real? That would be so funny having them for neighbors.

      No we didn't forget, we just took our time to make it entertaining, Nikki. Onward to part 8...

      Now I have to get back to my poetry. Have a sweet day. :)

    • Nikkij504gurl profile image

      Beautiful Garbage 

      8 years ago from Louisiana

      Awesome! Cathy this was terrific! I love that you added zombies into the mix! and the new characters. Narcissus is as slow and dim-witted as ever. Gotta love it. Only thing I noticed is the God of War is usually Aries. not Apollo. But its all mythology and fiction anyway so it doesn't really matter, this was such a great story and I can't wait for the next part. I am glad yall finally got it published. I thought you had forgotten :) To be continued... Yay!

    • blaise25 profile image

      Fehl Dungo 

      8 years ago from close to you...

      You have written an awesome hub here babe. So much fun and enjoyed reading this. This must be in the front page of Hubpages. :) Putting Shakira in the cast, oh wow, she's my Shewolf. LOL

    • Astra Nomik profile imageAUTHOR

      Cathy Nerujen 

      8 years ago from Edge of Reality and Known Space

      Hi MartieCoetser: thank you for the comments. The humor is just about okay, though I think Cassy (Cheeky Girl) has some fun planned for the next one. The story is fun to create. It just takes time to write. The zombies make for a tension creator. It was a great writing adventure, and I loved pushing the characters through their um... paces. LOL.

      The story develops more in the next installment, now that Cassy is writing it. I'm glad you enjoyed my first long story hub. I love your descriptive words. LOL.

      Hi Kallini: I appreciate your sentiments. That is so cool. Thank you. Yes, the characters didn't fall over themselves vying for attention, though Ameinias is such a temptation. Heh. Zombies are fun to write in here, as I usually don't go for horror things personally. They help things nicely. The next installment by Cassy will be bolder I think. She is way more cheekier than I am. :)

      Now I'm off for a cappuccino.

    • kallini2010 profile image


      8 years ago from Toronto, Canada

      Congratulations, Astra Nomik! This is very colourful and entertaining.

      All the characters have plenty of adventure yet nobody seems to get their way, except for zombies, probably.

      Zombies are just priceless. I enjoyed this piece thoroughly.

    • MartieCoetser profile image

      Martie Coetser 

      8 years ago from South Africa

      Brilliant! Excellent! Perfect. Your subtle humor, not distracting or overshadowing the intriguing plot, deserves a thunderous applause. Scenes are pure entertainment.

      Astra, I am honestly so impressed with this creation of yours, I am actually out of words. This is the first time I read a hub of yours, and I am awe-struck by your talent.

      I want to say more about the plot and story line, but later... Re Spon Sibil Ity is going to curse me if I don't attend to him pronto.... :)

      Voted up, aWeSoMe, brilliant, magnificent, marvelous, fantabulous and manjific!

    • Astra Nomik profile imageAUTHOR

      Cathy Nerujen 

      8 years ago from Edge of Reality and Known Space

      Hi Cassy. :) You are right. This was a big one for me. LOL. Big hub for me, I mean. Oh you helped me with some tricky parts and thank you so much. I keep smiling at the guys Wombat and Wombat, because I think of the Thompson Twins, and they are so funny. Well, who says the detectives can't be similar to them? LOL. This hub was insanely great no matter what crazy things I added. And the previous writers made sure of this.

      Well the next part is your job, and you will have fun doing it. You have a madder sense of humor than I, so I know it will be funny. Hehehe.

      Hi Augustine. Oh the Zombie swarm idea was mine and it creates a tension and make it a scary atmosphere, but I kept it in the background until the real swarm near the end. I wanted the characters to stay prominent, if you can follow my meaning. Heh.

      I think I expanded it somewhat and yes, the new characters are interesting, as they are unusual, and exist slightly on another level, compared to the main characters.

      The Hunka Chunka is allegedly some sort of slang for a sexual position. LOL. I gleaned that from a movie. I hope it was accurate, otherwise I am in trouble. Heh. :)

      Yes, Narcissus' total ignorance of Ameinias' moves on him, makes that part all the more funny. That took a bit of thinking out. Gee, I enjoyed writing this hub so much, Augustine. Thank you for letting me have a try at writing this big hub, and for having the confidence in me to think I could complete this big task. LOL. It has a full story to everything in it, and plenty of tension and conflict.

      Wow, this is a very new writing direction for me. Thank you for the support. :)

    • A.A. Zavala profile image

      Augustine A Zavala 

      8 years ago from Texas

      Never. Never, ever, ever, ever, ever in a million years would I have expected a zombie swarm. You have expanded the horizons of the myth and added your personal spin. What is "Hunky Chunky?" Sounds like fun, but I want to make sure I know what it is before I ask for it.

      I love the introduction of the new characters, and the cluelessness of Narcissus to Ameinias's moves. This is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Cheeky Girl profile image

      Cassandra Mantis 

      8 years ago from UK and Nerujenia

      This looks impressive. You never had a Hub this big before, Cathy. Even though I wrote bits of this, I love the finished result! Now I have to somehow top this! I must be mad! LOL!


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