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Little Things Happy People Avoid!

Updated on November 2, 2018

Happiness : Epic beauty.

Smile- Everyone must wear it to look Beautiful.
Smile- Everyone must wear it to look Beautiful.

Had you ever felt amazed why some people seem consistently happy and cheery, come on so what they may be? Then, I may have an explanation to this. There are few little threads they never do.
Yesterday, I was returning home after work hours, I came across a group of "hapless" kids playing near the garbage bin, enjoying the left overs and laughing aloud. Their innocent smiles instantly lightened up my face & tighten my belief that happiness is not just arriving at a terminal but exploring the voyage!

These are some little things, they avoid:

Clingy for cheeriness

This is your life & only you are chargeable for the options you pick. Situations in life may/may not be fair but how you look towards them will surely make the difference. All you need is to be emotionally self-reliant. When you have control over how you feel, you are less likely to give that control to someone else. Shut your ears to the noises of the society & listen to your inner voice, your sub-conscious mind,they will always direct you to the right path. It happens, when you are in love with yourself profoundly and then only someone other will fall in love with you.

CRUX - Establish,promote and Rejoice the habit of caring, sharing & giving, Help others even when no one is watching you around, surely this will make you immensely happy.

Gear up for Happiness

Frisking approval

Be yourself, without wanting to grab attention from someone and inquire their approval for who you are. Would you behave differently if no one was ogling? If yes, then that is how you should enact all the time. People don't have a authority to judge you but if they still do then don't worry because they had never known the life you are living. Just focus on your self-enhancement & learning. Just like if you water the grass daily then only it get greener day-by-day. Be the best version of yourself.

CRUX - Never be afraid of walking alone! As many will walk with you but no one will walk it for you. Stand up for what you believe in, period!

Never Cavil, Complain & Criticize

Many may say, "Small minds discuss people, great minds discuss ideas." But what matters is- How do you see yourself? Some things in life are not in your control, so why waste calories on them. Just try to focus your mind & thoughts on topics that will up bring your soul & thereby help you to become a better person.

CRUX - Debating about the problems can't be a solution rather try to work towards its solution.

Keep it to yourself

Self-doubt, lack of confidence in your own realm may make you fear about what someone else may be doing- it could be anyone your workmate, classmate, family person or a friend.
Instead, pen down your dreams & put a date to them and make them goal. Initially start with small goals that will leads you to achieve your dream and try to work towards achieving them. This will help you in achieving your dream bit-by-bit. These goals will give you a direction & the progress towards them will ultimately give you a sense of satisfaction & achievement. You will begin to respect yourself.

CRUX- Pen down your dreams & put a date to them- make them goals & work towards them, bit-by-bit.

Delve in the past

Life seems like a story book & it may have some unpleasant chapters that make you want to close the book! But, instead of closing it, just turn the page around & move ahead. These unpleasant ones are life lessons so learn from them and move ahead more firmly. Holding onto any resentment will never heal your pain but learning do enhance your way of handling things.
As they say "When there is no way out, Just Block everything out & Just Let It Go."
Forgive others not because they need it but because it is much important for your own peace of mind.

CRUX - Learn from every Experience & take a best decision for your present & future.

Noxious Lifestyle

Right from what you eat and drink, and when to sleep- everything forms a part of our daily life. Physical and mental health are inter- connected.
As they say " Fit body and healthy mind leads a happy life."

CRUX - Eat healthy food, Sleep well, Exercise daily, Spend time with family & friends & get enough daylight.

Too much of zealously in life

When the last time you said yes to a quick travelling plan? Or just start your car for sheer enjoyment? Don't be serious all the time. There is fun in spontaneity. Just look at kids they are happy because they have no big plans. They set themselves free, relish every moment & aren't afraid of being called senseless. Don't be a spoil spot for yourself, replenish every insta trips that come along your way by saying a big YES!

CRUX - Retrieve the things you love so that the Spark in you remains Alive forever. So, get to the driver's seat take complete control, drive crazy having high spirit & enjoy the beautiful voyage of life.

© 2017 Bhargvi Sharma


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    • bhargvi sharma profile imageAUTHOR

      Bhargvi Sharma 

      14 months ago from jammu ( India)

      Thank you.

    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 

      14 months ago from The Caribbean

      Great suggestions. I especially like the last one, and will try to do more of it. Thank you.


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