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The 'Nature' of Dusts

Updated on June 2, 2012

The 'Nature' of Dusts

Feelings curled up in a can formerly marked

For bonds caressed in nurtured hays larked

Titivated in golden crème as was comprehended

Hoped in flights of angelic wings apprehended

Sought for dreams that seemed approachable

And realized in bonds that seemed invincible

Swished away so smoothly yet with a burst

That a sudden death led to insatiate thirst

And Nature’s wrath from four corners came

To invade the calmness of so settled shame

But to reveal the filters of darkening shadows

In the luminescence of all convincing meadows

Calling the summons of unrealized proportions

And circling the arbitrary depths of dimensions

The flight of the angels falling apart in disharmony

Chalking a unholy mirage as if it were a felony

Salvaging nothing but a survival in apparition

Leaving remnants of forgotten dusts in reason


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