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Leaked, The 'Immortal' Ruler Of The Universe

Updated on September 9, 2017
GASOLINE GAS profile image

Gasoline gas is a writer and a poet working for English press publishing company.

The 'Immortal' King.

Their womanhood has become an icon of shame,
We sell our kidneys for a grain of wheat,
You quench your thirst for power with the cold Blood of innocent souls.
The Justice system is a sanctification system for the high and mighty,
With 30 pieces of silver the gallows open doors for the innocent,
The land smells of fresh blood...
Dirty money on your left hand,
Shake the preachers hand with your right,
You kiss us with your lips at noon,
And kiss the devil's tongue at midnight.
You really don't care about us.
Love of money
You sold your conscience to the dogs of the streets.
We preach love, and practice hate,
Children of God, but confidants of Lucifer.
You have tongues of Nelson Mandela, but hearts of Hitler.
We labor like donkey,
You dine like kings,
We lay by the wayside,
You defecate by the wayside.
You defecate by the wayside like scavenging dogs.
Don't tell me to clap when you defecate by the way side.
Can't you smell the blood of our blisters?
You have noses of scavenger dogs--you enjoy the stench of the smelling wounds of our broken hearts.
There is hope as long as roses wither.
With a pinch of sea-salt,
we are like the angel with clipped wings,
You eat until you can't eat anymore,
The air is polluted with your vomit,
We breathe your vomit,
We are violins with broken strings,
Your blood is infected with the deadly virus of tribalism,
You rape our minds and infect us with hate,
Dogs without teeth,
You claim to be a Pan-African, but there is nothing in you that says, Africa,
Your DNA is 99% West,
You dine with Queen Elizabeth,
You lust for the Kardashians,
You droll and masturbate at the silhouette of Nicki Minaj,
Your hearts are whiter than Tony Blair's,
Pan-Africanism died the very day it was conceived,
You keep on saying you have a dream for Africa,
You make me admire the ghost of Martin Luther King,
Boeing manufactures an aircraft a day,
While in Africa, an innocent child is killed in a day.
And the African Union meets to discuss Black Panthers and black Elephants,
All they care about is Ivory and skin...
Black doesn't mean you are African,
And being African doesn't mean pan-Africanism,
Is common sense for the monkeys?
Intelligence is a crime against humanity,
Hard-work is for the donkeys,
Love is for the dogs,
Guilt is the new innocence,
Pan-Africanism is a license to kill,
Nancy Sinatra Says--boots are for walking,
And I say brains are for thinking,
Men with Empty heads, and sagging testicles,
Men with sagging testicles and half-developed senile brains,
Men with senile brains,
Don't be mad at me for having the balls to speak what is on my mind,
Truth is like spit on your face,
Truth irritates you like pee in a cup of tea,
Blind men and women waiting for Christ to return with the miracle of sight,
Men and women with plastic hearts,
Men who eat what is meant for the Orphans,
Mugabe says he will rule forever,
Museveni Says he will rule for 100 years,
Men they must have forgotten that they are mortals,
Impotent kings with sagging testicles,
You must be having some brain leak,
I am talking about morons who can't stand accountability,
Every time I try to dream about Africa,
I see blood-diamonds,
Cocaine will be a national drug,
Power is like opium to them,
Protégé of the devil,
Wash their linen in dirty waters,



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