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Nearing the Truth

Updated on April 7, 2017
Luke Holm profile image

Luke works as a middle school English, ELD, social justice, and mindfulness teacher in the sanctuary city, San Jose, CA.


Truth Lies In Between

Not the outside world, nor the inside world, truth is found in between.
Not the outside world, nor the inside world, the veil is lifted and the play revealed.

True reality lies in between.


The truth is near.
The truth is here.
The truth is in every sound you hear.
It lies in the middle as thin as a hair.

It is both the outside reality and the inside reality taking place with no associations held to either reality on/in a middle ground. Let the outside reality be the inside reality and the inside reality be the outside reality. When neither is separate and no associations are held, truth is near. Breathe and unfocus your eyes. Breathe and slow your thoughts to the point of only breath. Breathe!


Let Go

Let go.
Become the flow,
to reach the truth.

Be alert.
with your guard down.
You have to give up your egoic crown
to find the truth.


The Truth is Be

The truth is free.
So don't try to contain it.
The truth is BE.
So try to maintain it.

Be here and now,
with no thought or attempt to control--
except your breath = your goal.

Your goal can't be to find the truth,
for you will miss it or mistake a lesser truth to be the end of your means.


Give Up Looking For The Truth

Give up...but keep trying to find the
is all around.
It can't be fully explained once it has been found.

Do like the deer and walk steadily upon the ground,
searching for what can be found--patiently.

Be easy.
Don't expect to find anything specific...

If you want to find the truth.

Be soft, alert, calm, and steady.
The truth is near so be ever ready.

It might be found by those who aren't even looking for it.

Give up...but keep looking.
It's here right now.


The Unimaginable

No! It's not that!

Do you think you know the answer?

Don't you dare point to it!


What is The Truth?

No matter how much you “know,” it is all in your head.

It is all no more real than the most vivid dream imaginable that you believe in with all your “heart.”

So, where is the truth?
Keep looking...but don't expect to find anything specific.

Otherwise, you will never find it.

Truth is not a clearly defined formation of words put into a well thought out sentence.

When you find it,
your mind will not say, "Eureka! I have found it!"

Words cannot express the joy that truth brings.
It is a beingness.

Just Breath

Breathe in and breathe out.
Focus on this
to reach the truth.



THIS IS NOT THE TRUTH. This is just a glimpse. Truth cannot be expressed in written form.

Will you take the next 30 seconds to slowly breath in and out three times?

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Alan Watts: Truth is Simple

© 2017 Luke Holm


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