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Necrophobia The Fear Of Dead Bodies From Star Wars to Harry Potter

Updated on April 7, 2017

The Series After The Movie

This book happens only five years after the end of the movie series. Read to learn about the only alien that the Empire ever really liked: Thrawn. Image: Amazon
This book happens only five years after the end of the movie series. Read to learn about the only alien that the Empire ever really liked: Thrawn. Image: Amazon | Source

A Long, Long Time Ago

Many people read the Star Wars books. They are based on the popular movies of the same name. The books have to deal with the topic of death. Instead of accepting death as a something that happens to all men and women, Jedi and Sith get to talk to others like their selves using the force.

The force is something that runs through everyone, but only the most gifted of people get to use the force. This Jedi and Sith get to talk to the dead Jedi and Sith that come to talk to them. In seeing the dead, there is closer that could not have happened if they had not seen the Jedi or Sith talk to them.

In those books, there is nothing to fear of the dead. Something must be bubbling under the surface of this book.

So, let us look at the father, son connection:

The son has little knowledge of his father. The father thinks the son is dead. Right there, there is a fear that arises for the father. He has lost his first born son. The loss must have disheartened him in find any hope to save himself. If he can not save his wife or son, it might be the force itself that is coming after Darth Vader. Death is already had a taste of his flesh. There is no mistake that he choices to kill first before excepting death.

His son misses his parents. I believe that he feared dying on a planet that had no exciting future. There was no adventures to tell his children of when he became a parent. All, he had was a future that would turn out to be just like his uncle and aunt.

Dying becomes a large part of the movie. A planet gets destroyed in the very beginning of the movie. This presents the fear in a new light. The Death Star breeds necrophobia. No one wants that large space station aimed at them.

The Books That Fallow The Series

Some are before and some are after. There are many deaths in the books. The bad guys do not seem to notice that they might die soon. This is a common theme for the bad guy characters. However, the good guys know that death could come at any time.

The good guys have to make a concuss decision to move forward in the story. They know they could die. Eventually, they will have to die.

The Grieving Process: Coping with Death by watchwellcast


The book has many journal entries in it. Dracula is seen as a man that has overcome death itself. He does not plan to die. His longevity has come with some set-backs. He is unlucky with people and love. He has only one real choice for a love interest: other vampires. Turning someone it a person who has to live life forever is his own choice at love.

Jonathan suspects something is wrong with the man. It is quickly found out that Jonathan is only after Dracula's money. I know some critic will say, "How could Jonathan know about the money?"

I think that Jonathan wanted the old guy in the castle to like him enough for them to be friends. Then, somehow Jonathan would get money from the shut-in who only wanted someone to talk to in the beginning. Dracula who was known to already be old. would be needing someone to help him.

Jonathan is more like a pirate in this novel. He robs from the rich, only to give to himself. Also, there is a woman that he likes back home. And, pirates always known that each day might be their last. Still, they seek more treasure. His fear of death had to deal with not having treasure before he dies, one day.

Note: The video is not mine. It is a youtube video from the tv series, In Living Color. I thought it would be funny to show that one instead of the normal clips of Dracula.

Death Lurking Behind Every Corner

The Walking Dead, graphic novels, present this them. The main characters know they are going to die one day. They do not wish to die. Each one hopes for a better life, even the worst villain in the series.

This graphic novels tell the tale of infected members of a zombie outbreak. The main characters knows nothing about how to solve the problem. Everyone one they come across has little knowledge of the outbreak. Even the CDC, have little knowledge of the outbreak.

Death does seem to be winning this in this story. People become zombies when they die. The zombies are a tool that death uses to win the war on the human connection. As far as anyone knows, the zombies/called "Walkers," are the dead that walk.

Most of the characters in the novel are scared of this type of death. Others see this as a form of punishment, entertainment, and a way to be like what everyone else will be eventually.

The Books

I own all the books.  I have even stood in line for hours for when they came out to book stores.
I own all the books. I have even stood in line for hours for when they came out to book stores. | Source

Harry Potter

"To the well-organized mind, death is but the next great adventure" Is what J.K. Rowling says about Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone.

Harry Potter has to deal with the death of his parents alone, at first. He knows little about them through-out all the books. Are they good people? The reader never finds that out. He is only presented with hearsay about his parents. And, as anyone knows, hearsay is just that: what people say or a rumor. There is no written proof that they were good people.

Still, it is not good to lie to a child over something so big as his parent's death. However, his aunt and uncle are only trying to protect him from the wizarding world. They have no magic wands. The only way to keep Harry in the house is to lock him up. They live in fear of the day that Harry might get killed by some unknown force. So, they do not encourage him to leave the house.

Harry's relatives did not want to escape death. They wanted to keep Harry away from people who could hurt him. They fear death, so much so that they would keep Harry under the stairs for years then see him dead. That might sound crazy but they have no other way of protecting him. If they disguise him as someone they do not like at all, other will believe their cleverness. Even, Harry is fooled by their protectiveness.

Truth on DEATH || Amazing Facts Ministries

Dealing With Death

Sometimes, it is best to see what the Bible has to say about Death. It is not easy to deal with a death by yourself.

Even the death of your favorite character in a book can bring about feelings of grief. Thoughts that make you want to believe that the character should have lived.

Still, there are people that read non-fiction. They know that what they are reading happened to someone. There are many lives changed. Maybe, the reader feels a connection to the author.

Dealing With Death

How do you deal with death?

See results

Stages Of Grief


Denial and Isolation - When you first find out about something bad or about a death this is the first step that most people take in their process of recovery. Many skip this step, so don't feel like you need to do this step. Denial happens because admitting that there is a problem is not easy. The problem will not go away but it is put in the back of your mind until, you can deal with it. The second part of this step is Isolation. This has to do with staying away from people. No matter what others tell you, you need some time alone to think.


Anger - When someone dies, you might feel horrible about them leaving you alone. You want to act out your anger. Or, you want to be angry on your own. Still, there are some who wish to hurt or manipulate others to make themselves feel better.


Bargaining - This often happens when the because of a death. You say you will do something, if something good will happen in return. This is true with going to church. A Christian should not want something for their time at church.


Depression - The feeling that something bad will happen, again. Not wanting to get up in the morning because that person you loved is no longer there.


Acceptance - Knowing that the person is never coming to see you ever again. Putting the possibilities of a future with that that person in the past and in doing so, moving on with your life.

The Dead Wake Up

Another, strange story is one of a woman that works in a morgue. Only, the dead guy is not really dead.

Love Bites by Lynsay Sands

I have not read many vampire novels. Most of them are very annoying. This one is just strange but I read it. Lynsay Sands tries to give us a hero this time that is more interested in himself than finding a mate. Everything seems to go as planned even when a rogue vampire is trying to kill him.

His mate, a woman named Rachel is just as annoying as he is throughout the book. They belong together.

What I like about the book is that the first book is not like the second book. This characters are not clones of the first book.

Rachel gets turned into a vampire but she denies it. She even goes to the lengths of thinking that she is in a dream world.

This story is not for kids. There are sex scenes in it.

As the second book of the series, I expected more of the same. There is a lot of explaining going on but not as much as the first book. The author seemed to correct this mistake in this book, as well as, trying to refine the answers about Atlantis in the other books.

Rachel has a job as a morgue examiner. I don't seem to like her much. But, I didn't like Lissianna, either. Rachel seems to be too pushy even in the later books. This is because is turned into a vampire really fast in this book.

The bad guy is not shown as being very evil. He is only chasing the other vampires in the book. He is said to have been evil. There is not much evil going on. The character would have been considered eviler if the hero was not a vampire.

Etienne is not the alpha male that is normally pictured in romance novels. He is just a video game designer who is a vampire. There is not much that is exciting about him until he gets chased by a rogue and finds a mate. The later books find him fallowing Rachel around all the time

I am a fan of the series. The early characters do show up in other novels in the series.

Vampires in this novel only have the ability to control, walk in the sun light, move fast and mind read. They do not turn into bats. They do not look ugly. They look about 25 to 30 years of age.

The male character might be a game designer but he is not too bright with planning to save the girl. Etienne lets his ego get in the way of common sence. He also does not use up to date things like a cell phone. If he did ... he would have changed the number because of all those prank calls. Maybe, he is a programmer for a lesser known software provider.


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