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Never worry about the Nay-Sayers or the haters.

Updated on April 17, 2016

Listen to your own heart.

rise above, and just be yourself.

You will learn in life.

When you set out to improve all areas of your life.

Some people will not be happy,

in fact, it is proven, that they indeed are very

miserable and just hate to see other people

get ahead.

So what you have to do is to keep going,

and just ignore the people that are full of

hot air and hate.

All you have to do is,

keep doing what you do.


talking with many people,

and hearing their stories,

I just say,

"Just keep doing what your doing."

You don't need any negativity in your life.

Don't keep the ignorant people,

that can't think for themselves,

who can't hold conversations,

with intelligence.


people come from

different backgrounds,

but really,

I rather be around,

the people that

are the thinkers,

and the go getters.

I love martial artists,

cause they truly are

unique and different,

because they can

handle themselves,

with many problems they face.

Of course when people are

stuck in their own lives,

they tend to blame,

everyone else,

for their horrible


and never take responsiblities

for their own actions,

which is a sad,

but you could always

pray, that those people,

their situations changes.

I know people don't

like to see other people truly happy,

but if you are happy don't let it bother you..

yes most people can be full of HOT AIR.

So you just laugh it off.

You have to become the best you can be,

and to become successful in your own way.

So never mind the people that are unhappy,

with what you do..

Do what I do, smile, cause being

content is the best feeling in the world,

that no amount of money could ever buy.


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