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New And Improved!

Updated on May 19, 2012

Caveat emptor indeed!

New and improved! New and improved!

All the impurities have been removed

Like a disk reformatted, a record re-grooved

It's new and improved and now fully approved

I went on a journey to look for and find it

The distance made no difference, I didn't mind it

The word had been given and I would grind it

To take every knot and finally unwind it

They told me! They told me! And then they sold me

To the first buyer who came to behold me

I had been warned they would front me and cold me

And they weren't content 'til they fully controlled me

I'd heard it was different, I'd heard it was nice

I'd heard it was novel and worth any price

I desperately wanted this great device

It was new, fresh and groovy and cooler than ice

Looking around at the things that were branded

Standing alone, yes I was alone and stranded

Meeting not one of the standards demanded

And feeling ashamed, totally reprimanded

Worry? What worry? That was what they said

Until all the thoughts spinning 'round in my head

Had me seeing deep blue and India red

And blacker than black were the hours spent in bed

Crying, yes crying! The tears were not drying!

Inside everything was shrivelled and dying

Resisting the endless times of ceaseless trying

Like being in an oven or even like frying

Put on the block and paraded like meat

All my good qualities from nose-bridge to seat

Were only the things I carried on two feet

And tallied and checked off on book keeper sheet

New and improved! New and improved!

All things thrown out of which they disapproved

Study of newness was loudly approved

My duties were laid out and I was behooved

All new! Better! You bet it was better!

Informed like in some encyclical letter

Encouraged to act like a real go-getter!

And stopped cold in two feet by my steel fetter

The buyer approaches but Buyer Beware!

Caveat emptor he must be aware

Looking me over from toenail to hair

I can't meet his gaze, at the ground I do stare

Joy and rejoicing! The joy is unending

The bliss and the hapiness are now attending

Now there is no more confusion and blending

It's all been laid out now there is no amending

Worry? What worry? That was what he said

And showed me the problems were my heart and head

And whiter than white comes from redder than red

And all the dross he picked up that they had spread

Freedom is given when given is all

Picked up the pieces were after the fall

No longer left like some discarded ball

Nor parked like an animal in some filthy stall

Now this is different, yes it is true

I've finally found something that really is new

It's nicer than anything I ever knew

And no longer do I see all things as blue

He bought me, He bought me! He reached out and sought me

I was thrown away and he reached out and caught me

He came and picked me up after they distraught me

I've learned many things now that he has taught me

I'd gone so far but my journey was done

I'd traveled out under the hot blazing sun

Thinking I'd find things interesting and fun

But I was tired and beaten, unable to run

New and improved! New and improved!

All the impurities seen as removed

Fully accredited, fully approved

New and Improved! Yes! New and Improved!

copyright text (C) 2011 christopher w neal

copyright photo (C) 2011 Adam Neal


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