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New Book Below Review; Materialism and Roots

Updated on October 17, 2015

The Root of Materialism and What it Can Lead to


This article explains in a visual and truthful style, the root of materialism. It then explains based on biblical verses , what materialism can lead to.


According to, materialism is "a desire for wealth and material possessions with little interest in ethical or spiritual matters." Materialism is not defined here as simply liking nice things. It is a neglect of the spiritual world. It is potent to say that one of the main reasons for mental disorders like depression and the likes in today's society is materialism. One could support this statement because in a recent survey, a poll of the happiest country in the world was given, and

Nigeria was number one. Nigeria, an origin that's familiar with me, is one of the most spiritual countries in the world. The main entertainment there is gospel music and Christian movies. Nigeria is not a wealthy country. But it has a certain satisfaction that comes from spiritual gifts or the fruits of the Holy Spirit like peace and the likes.

Materialism main root is oppression and greed. Oppression in a scenario could be denying a person of their basic needs. This later causes them to want more of what they never had. For example, if a person does not eat for a day or two, they become famished; this hunger causes them to overeat. This denial of food has now led to greed, which in this case is overeating. Greed is actually forbidden by the Holy Bible and so is oppression. But one cannot identify where this need for material wealth comes from without looking at oppression and greed.

Materialism is never and will never be fulfilling. It creates an addiction to things that are intangible; when intangible things fail, so do the person. Every human being are meant to have their basic needs meant. These include food, water and shelter. The most important aspect of life that materialism ignores is spirituality. Now, there is a spirituality that leads to abundant life and this is through Jesus Christ and there is a spiritualism that leads to material wealth but leads to death and this through all satanic doctrines and religion or greed.

There are many factors of life that are ignored in today's society. Some of these are obedience to parents, humility and most importantly, a relationship with God or Jesus Christ. It is easy to assume that there is nothing wrong with being materialistic but just remember this: when those things fade, you fade with them.

Do you think everyone is materialistic according to my article?

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