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A New Leaf in the Pamphlet

Updated on November 10, 2011

Life took many unexpected twists and turns, and now besides repenting on my mistakes, I'm trying my earnest to look forward and, as they say, "move on", which even though extremely difficult for me, nevertheless I AM TRYING and I'm trying to open a new chapter in my life's already eventful journey, feels like a lifetime already, hence the reference to Life as a "pamphlet" in this piece and "turning over a new leaf" signifying my re-attempt at reinstating my life all over again. I don't have the assurance or confidence that I'll be able to carry it out with any success at all, because the aim is to overcome my existing pains, keep my nerves and make a smooth transition to a new leaf, but it still feels like an earnest attempt rather than a so-called 'new beginning'. Nonetheless, I am 'turning over a new leaf in my pamphlet', and whoever reads this please wish me luck.


Turning a new leaf in this ever-changing pamphlet

Muddling through new obstacles with new target

Keeping aside all emotions that intrude in tandem

Severing all soft corners coarsely like a hoodlum

Pulling on the threads that were protectively fastened

Stroking strings to produce chords never played

Blinking through sunrises when the fireball squints

Strolling lost in urban silence while daybreak sprints

Staring blank at the horizon’s enamored dilemma

Smirking in mockery more at the hideous than charisma,

As we devour our being under a new tunnel in strife,

Of this pamphlet that we all dearly christen as Life

Not a Love Poll...its Life, and Life matters...

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