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New Poetry Collection: Potpourri Anthology Vol 1

Updated on July 28, 2017
Potpourri Anthology Vol 1
Potpourri Anthology Vol 1 | Source

Potpourri Anthology Vol 1

Potpourri Anthology Vol 1 is a unique poetry collection that was published in 2015. The anthology features poets from different parts of the world, each showcasing their talent to the world. Their beautiful words will draw you in and take you on an emotional journey filled with love, sorrow, laughter, hopes, dreams, inspiration and so much more. Not only do you get to enjoy their poetic creations but you also get to find out more about them as well in the short bio that goes along with the poetry.

What better way to discover new amazing poets than with a poetry anthology like this one? The anthology is a real treat for poetry lovers and is definitely worth putting on your reading list. It would even make a great gift, especially during the holiday season.


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