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New Year, New Me : 2015

Updated on January 31, 2015

Happy New Year!

Every new year, I make some vague resolution for the year to come. Sometimes I keep them, sometimes I don't. This year, my resolution took some thought. So much, in fact, that I didn't have one by December 31st. What I ended up deciding to do as the ball dropped and I counted down to the new year, was to stretch out the resolving part for the whole first month of the year. That is, come up with one new resolution each day, and assemble them into a list. I figure if I throw enough stuff against the wall, something will stick. Like spaghetti. year's resolutions. year's resolutions.

1.) Take 10000 steps a day.

Actually, this is a continuation of last year's resolution. Since January 1st, 2014, I have not gone a single day taking less than 10000 steps, as measured on my pedometer. Sure, there were days when I just barely made it, but I made it. And I don't see why I should stop now.

2.) Save $1000

Pretty straightforward. That comes out to a little under $100 a month. Hmmm. That might mean bringing my own lunch to work on occasion...

3.) Publish 12 Hubs

One hub a month. ...If I don't procrastinate and save them all for December. Which reminds me of the time in college when I wrote four final papers in four days. ...Hoping not to do that this time.

4.) Answer people when they contact me

God, I'm so bad at this sometimes. I never even pick up the phone if I don't recognize the number. ...Well, if they want to reach me, they can leave a message! ...And I resolve to answer those messages.

5.) Prepare for last-minute clients

Even if they schedule for 8:30pm, thus laying to rest my chances of getting off my shift early. They are an opportunity to learn and better myself as a therapist.

6.) Cook dinner every now and then

My roommate cooks for me plenty often. Sometimes I should cook for her.

Like that.
Like that.

7.) Stop leaving junk in my car.

...Yeah...I'll come back to that one.

9.) Get through my to-do pile.

Self-explanatory, and easier said than done. Every time I finish one thing, it seems five more have crept up.

8.) Do the splits by my 30th birthday

I was a dancer for many years and quite capable of the splits and more once. But, in the six or seven years since my last ballet class, I have lost a lot of flexibility. I turn 29 in March. Because it becomes much harder to change one's body after age 30--not impossible, but harder--I want to be able to do the splits again by my 30th birthday. That actually gives me a little over a year, but it does mean stretching properly every day.

10.) Dance more

Just because I don't take class anymore doesn't mean that I shouldn't dance.

11.) Accept more invitations

Introverted I may be, but I do not have to pass on every opportunity.

12.) Find something positive in every Tuesday.

...I hate Tuesdays. They are my longest, dullest, most aggravating workday. Therefore, I resolve to transform my attitude towards Tuesdays. Even if I don't learn to love them, I should learn to make the most of them.

13.) Follow through on charitable plans

I think about volunteering, but then I don't manage to follow through. I would like to change that. Or at the very least, I would like to make the donations I keep saying I am going to make.

14.) Fold my laundry right away.

Instead of falling asleep on it.

15.) Aim for 8 hours of sleep a night.

And try to be consistent with my bedtime and wake times, too.

16.) Get at least half my CEU's THIS year.

Don't wait until the last half of next year. Get as many hours as possible this year.

17.) Make time to read more often

I have such trouble finding the time to just curl up with a good book.

18.) Find a roommate I can get along with.

With one of my two roommates having to move out this summer, I and the remaining roommate are tasked with finding someone to take her place. I resolve to be careful with the choice, and to be welcoming so we can at least start off on the right foot.

19.) Change out of my work clothes as soon as I get home

Set a clear distinction between work time and home time.

20.) Sometimes do the dishes when it isn't my day

Just to be nice to my roommates.

21.) For the love of God, STOP BITING MY CUTICLES!

Split cuticles are not good on a massage therapist!

22.) Meditate every morning

Get myself relaxed and centered for the whole day ahead.

23.) Pay my bills on time

Early if possible. Also, keep track of them.

24.) Finish one side project.

Be it a short story, a youtube video, a bit of choreography, or a knitted hat. ...Though probably not a knitted hat. I would have to learn to knit first.

25.) Talk to my coworkers sometimes

Take out the earbuds at lunch on occasion.

26.) Stop flipping off the traffic lights.

It is not their fault I am late, and they do not deserve such rudeness.

27.) Stop lying about why I missed yoga class.

I'm not actually required to justify myself after all. That being said...

Do you make new years' resolutions?

See results

29.) Get a proper check-up

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

28.) Don't miss yoga class nearly so often.

Getting the maximum benefit means going regularly.

30.) Practice my sidelying draping.

Practice makes perfect, and I have enough clients that I treat in sidelying position regularly that I ought to make myself less clumsy with it.

31.) Stop procrastinating so much.

Though frankly, I think the fact that I dragged this hub out thirty-one days is a bad sign.

Here's hoping everyone else does better with their resolutions than I did with this last one.


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