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New sayings

Updated on March 28, 2017

"We think we teach animals, but animals teach us."

"The biggest problem that faces humanity is that whoever has power, no matter how it is, tries to oppress those over whom he has that power."

"If they walk away, walk away."

"The wiser you get, the less you talk."

"I will inscribe my dream on a stone, and it shall always be near me.Once I am dead, let it be my gravestone."

"You always are rewarded for whatever you give to help others--sometimes in a way that you may not even feel it."

"The worst thing that can ever happen to you is realizing you have given some more time and attention than they deserve, and recognize it when it is too late."

"I can not tell you anymore about me because I have told you enough to tell..."

"The land of freedom enslaved thousands before."

"We are there when no one needs us and always off when all do."

"If you seek faithfulness, you better look blindly at human beings, and get yourself a dog."

"Break one of your bad habits and you will recognize your own strength."

"Where there is right, there is duty, and when there is duty, there is beauty."

"If you feel you can not get someone out of your mind, be sure that person still thinks of you just as you do."

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