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Newsline - Make $1 for writing just 50 words

Updated on September 26, 2014 - Make money writing newslines


Get paid to write Newslines

Get paid to write articles is what many of us keep looking for on the internet and here comes a new one that pays really well. is a website i came to know about recently, Newlines pays 1USD for each approved newline of 50-100 words. It can be seen written below its logo that it pays 1USD per post. It also gives you the option of improving the newsline or creating your own. Fun..isn't it? But the worst part is that it is open to native english writers only. So no chance of me getting any money from the website. But i thought i can write a hub on it so that many people will come to know about this and can make lot of money. Lets explore more about the website.

397 posts so far on Ice Bucket Challenge topic


About Newsline

Newline is the timeline of news where on any given topic writers like you can create timeline of about 50- 100 words of any news. News can be on any topic listed on the website or create your own. Must check the website to see how writers are adding newlines on many various topics. So if you are an english native and want to make some good money join newsline. Very good opportunity for all those who are active on social media website and get all the latest news and updates about sports, celebrities, politicians, hollywood, or an event etc. Like for example i saw 397 posts in the Ice Bucket Challenge topic. You know you have lot of news to tell on this topic that many don't you can post it in this topic. This is how it works.

Make use of Social Media


How to write the post on Newsline

Format is simple where as mentioned earlier you have to write just about 50- 100 words summary of news, write the date of the event, title, an image can be added or a link to a video. A link to the original news can also be added. Grab all the latest news, happenings from facebook, twitter or newspapers, magazines and make your newslines to make money.

Newsline pays you 1$ for each newsline

The first question that comes in every writers mind is that how much money can i make? The answer is not endless here because newslines pays you only for approved posts and once you have 20 approved posts on newsline you will get 20USD. Balance can be checked anytime on the website and all payments are made via paypal account. And if you are capable of writing 20 posts in one day you get the money same day. Yes they pay the money as soon as the balance reaches 20$, be it in one day. Quite interesting i really wish they open it for all countries. We too have lot of information to write about.

Join Newsline - Not Easy

Joining is not very easy as you will have to apply and if you are approved to write on newsline you will be asked to register. Once registered you can submit your first post which will again be approved or disapproved by the editors. Once approved it will be published and the work goes on like this. They have a bunch of list to help the writers understand why the post is rejected and how they can improve the newslines to be approved.

The writers are awarded badges just like we get on hubpages. Hope many of the hubbers will benefit from newslines.


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    • rudra007 profile image

      Veenoo 3 years ago from India

      Now newslines is also a revenue sharing website, pays 50% share through Google Adsense.

    • rudra007 profile image

      Veenoo 3 years ago from India

      Thanks Ameri for the comment. Will keep posting more such information.

    • Ameri Elizabeth profile image

      Elizabeth Ameri 3 years ago

      Thank you for the information, it really is very helpful.

    • rudra007 profile image

      Veenoo 3 years ago from India

      Sure..i will and thanks for the comment.

    • esmonaco profile image

      Eugene Samuel Monaco 3 years ago from Lakewood New York

      Thanks for the useful information, I'll have to check this out, and Good luck with Writers Domain. I hope you find something there that works for you :)

    • rudra007 profile image

      Veenoo 3 years ago from India

      Thanks for the comment, yes i will check the website for sure. English is an important language in India but certain rules of websites makes the concept only for english speaking countries. But that is okay because i think they want the best. Thanks.

    • Cari Jean profile image

      Cari Jean 3 years ago from Bismarck, ND

      Thanks for your hub on this website. I write content for other sites and this one seems worth checking out. If you are a non-native English speaker who is looking for sites to write for, might I suggest Writers Domain. They are looking for content writers in multiple languages (although I'm not sure which languages) but it might be worth checking out!