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Nigeria and Boko Haram

Updated on August 6, 2012
First it was Umar Farouq but people did not see what was coming, our National intelligence both the so called EFCC and other security services did not see it but it was written all over the Nation. I am not trying to criticize the North or my Muslim brothers and sisters but what i actually want to do is to pass on an information to all and sundry. The problem we now have in Nigeria is nothing but Boko Haram, first they said they don't want western education but today the attack has shifted to Christians. So i ask, Why bombing churches?

MASSOB we all know believed in a cause, Movement for change and a peaceful one but the government of Nigeria of then Olushegun Obasanjo threw all our National strength against the existence of MASSOB. MEND was not given a breathing space either so i ask again... Where is the Nigeria Military?

The so called Boko Haram militant group said that the deep poverty and lack of infrastructure in Nigeria's north must be addressed as part of the solution to the violence and this alone left me wondering what the churches has to do with National infrastructure. We all know about the Niger bridge. Don't we?

The US and other western countries feels that Boko Haram is focused domestically but listen up brothers and sister,"Every evil originates from somewhere." The militants has training facilities outside the shores of Nigeria, they have recently been linked to Al queda and their manner of attacks, planning and execution,suicidal strategy all calls for international interference.

My Observation:
Boko Haram is a political tool
Boko Haram is a tribal warfare

The fact that the powers to be hails from the Northern part of Nigeria seems to be a challenge to any change, power has to remain in the hand of a Mallam or Alhaji. Goodluck Jonathan is a course to the North and a government that will never see peace and unity in the country, remember, he took over after the death of Yar Adua. This is no luck nor is it destiny but a course to the law makers. But "Who Jah bless, no one course."

2009: Intense fighting that left over 100 dead
2010: Series of bomb attacks till date

In retrospect, Mohammed Yusuf, was assassinated and now it is Abubakar Shekau. This man is more dangerous than Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. Hence,International assistance is good for us but will mean War.And this is what we do not want in Nigeria, the Nigeria military leads the ECOMOG Troop and are widely respected across our borders, so why is Boko Haram a national threat? IBB and other Northern elites and leaders has refused to condemn Boko Haram.

Be at alert with food stuffs coming from the North to the Eastern and Southern Nigeria.

Poisonous Beverages and water especially the sachet water.

I do not mean to raise any alarm but anyone living in Nigeria should be at alert because they will not rest until they kill us all. This is their mission to systematically wipe out other tribes. And one last question...

Who is arming BOKO HARAM?


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