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Nightmare Experienced by Women: A Poem

Updated on March 26, 2018
Halley Indonesia profile image

Halley was a teacher at a junior high school. who loves to write and always wants to learn new things about the world of authorship.

Alone woman
Alone woman | Source

Women have Nightmares

Her cheeks flushed with her eyes staring at her as she felt happy.

All his feelings will be secret, not to anyone.

women have many stories, also have many special things.

Many calls are owned by women. The mother of every child, the wife of every husband, becomes a man's heart, and all around him will feel comfortable.

women are accustomed to getting affection, that's what she expects.

Never to Ask, though something simple.

He has a lot of sense to be pampered by the surrounding environment.

Let a man guess the smile of a woman for whom?

Let friends guess what makes her sad.

Let the family guess what the story is today?

Women have everything to build a colorful world.

women too, can be a savage who bites anyone who wants to seize his territory.

for anyone who wants to take his heart.

There is a fear that will be present in every woman. could be for you too.

He was afraid of the wrinkles that were present, then turned into a nightmare.

Her twilight and aging slowly made her feel abandoned.

turned into one nightmare for women

it is when he is no longer busy, then leads to loneliness.

togetherness is the real form of a love.

Can all ask if what makes a woman crush?

It's all because of his worsening dream to always be loved.
women often become forgotten.

women always look in the mirror and remember the wrinkles and often think late when the time has gone.

woman Forgot to remove the powder, to forget the pain and shortness received.

Forgotten woman looking for a medicine that heals her feelings.

soon forget loneliness and turn yourself around women.

Where a woman's nightmare is the twilight that is cut off in the head because your age is passed without benefit.

Then the woman falls regretfully and realizes that the world's content is her family and loved ones.

shy woman
shy woman | Source

Notes about the Nightmare Poems Experienced by Women

Just a note: To all readers of either male or female (woman). This poem tells about the feelings experienced by each woman. Thought delicate woman writers try to understand and pour through poetry. I used to, as boys will recognize them as a mother, I now become a grown man be the husband of one wife, brother from sister, and father of a daughter). You can continue the sentence itself as a man.

A woman will be formed from her family's upbringing. Where he is the supporter and supporter of a family. A smart woman will help her family in every problem. She can switch roles into anything in the family, help wholeheartedly, give love to all family members.

An adult (adult) woman will be the place to convey feelings, for anyone who wants to complain about life and what is experienced. However, there is another side of a woman. the other side I mean is simple that may be experienced by you women or problems experienced by women as your life partner. "That problem is a nightmare".

The author makes this poem look at him in general to feel what is experienced by the inner thoughts of women. It starts at a time when a woman will feel lonely and immersed in the void of life.

This feeling of emptiness and feeling alone is what the author meant as a nightmare. Simply put, when a woman experiences it she will turn into a lost person. It could be a loser, could be angry, could be a liar, could be an estimate and an accuser.

The direction of thinking of a woman who experiences a nightmare about life, feeling alone, feeling left out, it will continue to haunt. Ever been betrayed, never lied to, often harmed or ever humiliated. Will be a nightmare trigger.

The nightmare meant by the author is not the real meaning, but an important event in the life of a woman who hurt her feelings and will continue to be a wounded bearer in every walkway of her life as a woman. I also illustrate that a woman has excessive fear.

Dreams can mean sleeping flowers. but instead, when a woman has nightmares. It could be a nightmare becoming real in his life. The fear of a dream he does not like will be a destroyer of the wonderful life he should be able to accomplish with his closest people, especially the family.

One of the worst mimipi triggers in women's lives. Women tend to have fear of old age. Excessive fear, the views of others. can cause nightmares that will always come at any time when he feels himself.

The beauty of women. Characterized by smoothness of skin to be a true marker / jewelry of women. Among some women. this could be one of his nightmares when all is no longer the same. the skin is shriveled, the face is getting worn by the activity at home. as well as thoughts that are shared with each family member. all are no longer the same, as women age and feel alone.


how many times do you sleep dreaming in a week?

See results


Please read the poem I wrote and a simple review of the poem above. Hopefully for you women readers can be an extraordinary female figure when single or married. eliminate the fear that comes and forget the difficult times in your life.

Be assured wholeheartedly your life is a paradise. all that can be real if you as a woman always spread love. besides, if you are a man. be a man who always gives comfort with all the love. Let's be happy together. Everything will be fine in time.

happy | Source

© 2018 Halley Kawistoro


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