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Nightmare from hell

Updated on January 30, 2015

Scared and weak.

when I woke from that nightmare,I had never been so happy to be awake.i was astounded at how real the dream felt.i was there when my wife got the bad news call with my kids,I remember wiping my face when I woke,as I had been crying in my sleep because the dream was so emotional.

ive only had a few such nightmares in my life,thank god,each time I wake from the horror nightmares,my heart is racing so fast it takes an eternity for me to get back to a normal rate.

Few and far between thankfully

Nightmare from hell

I was woken the other night with such a fright
The mother of all nightmares woke me during the night.
Member of my family,hung by my hand
Over a cliff edge, hard to understand
Woke in a cold sweat heart racing so fast
I could barely breath,I was totally aghast.
I held on to him for as long as I could
I eventually let him slip,I sort of knew I would.
It felt so real,graphic and tragic
Dreams are so strange,sometimes borderline magic.
This was one of my worst,it shook me to the bone
I felt traumatised,I was in a terror zone.
I get these dreams very rarely I'm happy to say
Once every couple of years,no more than that I pray.
My last was as dramatic,I was in a plane crash
I saw everything in real time,my head hit the glass with a smash
I was even with my family,when the call came with the news
It was twisted and crazy,such a mental bruise.
After this dream,I flew two days later
My anticipation was high,my fears were greater.
Thankfully nothing came from these dreamt up events
But it chips at my mind,leaving memory dents.
I usually don't remember any of my dreams
I'm happier this way,or so it seems.
Waking up heart racing,is a horrible feeling
I cried in my sleep,even though I was dreaming.
Thankfully though,they're few and far between
I will never miss having this awful dream.
Dreams mess with your head,they torment your sleep
You lie awake,you feel like you could weep.
Sad thing to say is you have no control,
these horrors come from the darkness of your soul.
You just have to be thankful,they don't come every day
My annual horror delayed how long,who can say.

Haunting from inside.

Troubling times.

troubling times

troubling sleeps

troubling emotions

troubling weeps.

troubling heart rate

troubling sweat

troubling my memory

troubling to forget.

troubling eternal

troubling my fears

troubling my emotions

troubling causing tears.

Silence! Can't scream.

Due to tablets!

i was told by my Doctor when initially putting me on Anti-depressants to expect WEIRD god,the understatement of the year.if I had known then what I know now,i may not have went on to them.or possibly find an alternative means to deal with the problem.

but ,under advisement from my Doctor the ends would justify the means.for all I may suffer horriffic nightmares,the benefits would outweigh the dreams.i would be more settled mentally so to speak.

so ive been on them ever since,and thankfully the dreams are very rare occurrences,maybe three to four every couple of months.i think I just need to handle them better.


fretting while awake

fretting while I sleep

fretting messing with my mind

fretting causes me to weep.

fretting unsettles my nerves

fretting makes me uneasy

fretting makes me alert

fretting is never easy,

fretting all through the day

fretting dreading the night

fretting on the outcome

fretting what I will face at night.

Horror abound.


the creature created in my head is going to be the subject of my new book,when I get round to writing it.he is called Bondigurli,ive placed his legend in the Highlands of Scotland.there,he will systematically and ruthlessly hunt people throughout the ages.i hope I can do the story justice.

Creature above.

this is a creature I saw in my nightmare,chasing me.this was without a doubt one of the most unsettling dreams ive ever had.i woke running out of my bed trying to escape its my dreams I just made it away,God knows what would have been the outcome if I'd been caught in the dream,doesn't bare thinking about.

If he stirs!

if the creature invades your dream

must we let out a silent scream

no one there to help you survive

if you wake up,your glad to be alive.

outrun him again, and with vigour

show your willing ,to escape the rigour.

Run as fast as your imagination will let

stop for no one,your motion is set.

Mentally draining.

the other down side to these nightmares,I feel physically and mentally drained by them.i feel so tired and dosile,I take a fair while to get back some semblance of family unfortunately have suffered at the hands of my dreams.occassionally I get a bit loud in the dream through fretting about whatever is occurring at that time.i can only apologise at the time,and hope I keep the volume down to a dull roar the next time it rears its ugly head.insomnia is a curse i and many other people have to suffer every day,I try and be useful if I can't sleep.doing the dishes,or washing clothes from the unending pile my girls amass for kind of makes the best out of a bad situation.


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