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Nine Faces Awake

Updated on August 22, 2017
Nikhil Chopra profile image

Artist. Poet. Writer. With each word I wish you see.... The world within & the one around me

Nine faces awake

Seven stems in tow

To seek is to know

Six nails and a hammer, in case you start to stammer

The one seminal start, arrives as we depart

Takes a while

Eyelashes and a smile

Built in bile

About to release

Excuse us please

There always lies hope

End of a slope

Some nicotine and caffeine as you wish to elope?

Alduous Huxley points at the door

Care to see some more?

Vivid rise and livid fall

Drugs seem to make merrier the mundane human haul

Mind explores the gates beyond withdrawal

Words are redundant. Inexplicable is abundant

Flashbacks on acid candy and floss

Heroin and cocaine be it gain or loss

Beyond morals and sin

The head about to spin

The body buckles

The spirit chuckles

You clench your knuckles

Sit back and stare

All tangents of color in a thin blue haze

Color comedic in this panoramic craze

As you sober up, enlightened your face

Utilitarian looks futile, or what the bible says

Nights are fun, long get days

Skin and needles and nostrils sting and burn

Pharmaceutical delights give a lot we learn

Next morning we forget

Residues settle in

Trees look the same

Flowers lose their touch

How much is too much?

Get on with what is left

A cup of tea by the lake

Contemplating health at stake

The maker and its make

Nine faces awake

Seven stems in tow

To seek is to know

© 2017 Nikhil Chopra


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