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Nine Lives, Ten Deaths? part two

Updated on July 27, 2012

Alexander gathered some things he thought might be useful on the other side. Food would be scarce there, depending on where he came to be. Change of clothing, some for the heat and others for the cold, were packed neatly in the case. Weapons could be found once he arrived. To take any with him would only draw attention when he enter spiritual realm. He would have to rely on his wits until he found safety and weapons. As he packed the things he gathered, he thought back to life with Alisha. She had come to him while he was searching for ways to bring his mother and father back. His powers had left a trail of essence that whoever shared the gifts could follow. Alisha had followed Alexander’s trail until she found him. He could still hear her soft voice as she first spoke to him.

“Why are you looking for someone that isn't here?”

Alexander had turned to face her, anger the first emotion to surface. “Who in the He…” His words had frozen in his throat, breath gone and awe filling up his insides. Standing in front of him was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. Her eyes, sparkling and pure, stared back at him as if looking in to his very soul. Her long tresses, reaching down to rest on her beautiful body, were as golden as the sun itself. Soft, tender lips, smiling as if to reach out and demand to be kissed, enchanted his mind. He fought to finish his words, changing them in mid-sentence. “I didn't know anyone was here with me. I don’t know why my cat didn't warn me.”

Reaching down, she picked Sebastian up and held him in her arms. “Perhaps he knew there was nothing to fear. I mean you no harm, not by my presence or my question. My name is Alisha and I too have the gifts.”

Alexander had already fallen in love with her, this he could feel inside of him. All that was before was gone and only she existed in his world. He stepped forward and held his hand out to her.

“I am Alexander and you are holding Sebastian.” He felt a brush against his leg and looked down to see a cat. He leaned forward and picked her up. “And who might this cat be?”

“That is Tawnie, my cat. She is my cat and my best friend.” Alisha set Sebastian down and he raced straight to Tawnie. He, like Alexander, had found love at the very first site. “I only asked the question because your essence told me of what you were looking for. They did not die by the hands of anything in this world. They went away forever in death.”

“I think that I knew that but I wanted so much to find them. I took a chance and lost out, I guess. Not a total loss since I found you.”

He remembered her beautiful laugh and the smile that lit up his world. “I think it was me that found you, Alex. May I call you Alex?”

“Are your gifts natural or did you learn them?”

The gifts that he spoke of were many. He could move from realm to realm, living in Earths’ world or two adjoining worlds. One world held the magic of a people long ago removed from Earth’s world. They were a cold and aggressive people that wanted to rule Earth and claim it as their own. Banished into a dark realm by the good people, they dwelled there, only allowed to come back in to Earth’s world singly and only at night. They had gained in power through their years being banished and found a way for more than one to enter Earth’s world. Still, they found a way inside and they can only do anything after it is dark.

The second world, the world Alexander and Alisha met in, was calmer. All that came here found peace and rest. That had all changed when evil had found its way into this realm. Now, it was nonstop war between good and evil. As long as they could keep the evil contained, it could not harm the Earth. Slowly, they started to infiltrate the earth’s world, nightly, a few at a time. To be unseen, they slipped in to the bodies of earth’s cats. Sending them back would be harder now as the cat’s nine lives gave the spirits more opportunities to return. To truly banish them, they had to die on earth a tenth death.

Weapons forged from souls of good or evil people were the only weapons that could kill them. The people that fought to send them back were met with magic beyond earth’s knowledge. Good spirits also found their way out, seeking to return those less desirable to the nether-realms. Some people were born with gifts just as Alexander and Alisha. Samantha was also born to the gifts but her nature was not gentle. She found the cats that promised to give her the nine lives of a cat if she could help them. Falling in love with Alex was not on her agenda but then, falling in love seldom followed logic.

“My gifts were inherited from my mother and father. I can slip into this world and I can feel the presence of one from this realm in a cat. Tawnie is one of the good spirits trying to bring back the evil ones. She has used three lives to bring back much of the evil. Each time she drags them back here, she is rewarded with another life. But, each spirit she fights can take that life away again.”

“Yes, my Sebastian is the same. I think maybe we were brought together for a reason. I hope that you will stay with me.”

“When we return to our world, I will find you and stay with you. I know in my heart that this is the love that was meant for me. The miles that separate us will no longer be. This love is powerful and like a Freight train, nothing of our world can stop it now. Do not fear, Alex, I will find you. Your powers are stronger than any I have encountered. Your parents were very good people and their love and goodness strengthened you beyond most others.”

They had left the realm and she had found him. They found love and peace and set it in to their home. But the evil had felt him too. They knew he and his cat had powers that were greater than most. They would need to be destroyed if the evil was to take over all that they wanted. One by one, the evil destroyed the people that Alexander loved. Although he fought and sent back so many, Alexander had to find the right magic that would seal the opening and banish them from earth forever. Sebastian fought by his side and used five of his own lives to send them back. Together, the four of them had sent back nearly all of the evil ones that had found their way to earth’s world.

But too many battles had left Alisha tired and weak. The swing was the only place she could find rest. The higher she went, the more strength she regained. Alexander watched her swinging; heard her laughter as it filled the air. He stared up at her as she went higher and higher. That is when he saw it, high in the tree, hidden by the thickness of the leaves. He called to Alisha, screaming for her to stop swinging. She could not hear him over her own screams of laughter. Alex had run to her, trying to stop the swing. She descended and the swing caught Alex directly in the face. He was knocked out and fell to the ground. Alisha never felt the hit and climbed higher in to the sky. Just as Alex woke, he looked up in to the tree. He could see the cat and there was a human with it. The body glowed brightly and Alex could not see who sat with the cat. Suddenly, with a great flash of light, Alisha was pulled from the swing. As she disappeared into the tree, gone from Alex’s sight, he fell to the ground, crying, screaming out her name. He watched the swing slowly stop swinging, empty of its rider. He heard her call out to him.

“Alexander, come find me, please! Never stop looking for me. I will be here on the hottest summer days, waiting for you to save me. I love you, Alex, I truly…” And then, the world was silent, accept for the sound of the wind.


Alexander packed more and then stepped over to look out of his bedroom window. His eyes filled with tears from the memories, he looked down at the swing. Samantha sat in her car as if she were waiting for something. He could feel her presence the same as Sebastian could, His fur ruffled from head to tail, he showed fangs that would kill in an instant. Alexander grabbed his bag and went out to the swing. Samantha walked to him.

“You don’t need to do this Alex. She isn't in any harm where ever she is. The spirit world doesn't work that way for people like us. I love you, Alex and I won’t lose you!”

“You never had me to start with, Sam. Go home and forget me.” He turned his attention to Sebastian. “I need you to climb to the top of the tree, Reach out and take me into the world Alisha went to. Wait until I am as high as I can go.”

Sebastian climbed the tree and waited as Alexander made the swing go higher and higher. Samantha watched him, her anger growing worse. She lifted herself in to the tree, hidden by the leaves. As Alex reached the highest he could, she pushed Sebastian from the tree. He fell too fast to catch himself. He landed on his side, dead weight hitting with full force. Alexander looked down at the lifeless body just as Samantha pulled him from the swing. Into another world they disappeared, the swing left empty again, slowly stopping and sitting still, Sebastian's battered body laying underneath it.


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    • Dday50627 profile imageAUTHOR

      Darrel Day 

      6 years ago from Iowa

      Qudsia, you are making me smile word after word... Don't stop now. Thank you so much!

    • QudsiaP1 profile image


      6 years ago

      Oh my God! That evil being! I am biting my nails here moving on to part 3!

    • Dday50627 profile imageAUTHOR

      Darrel Day 

      6 years ago from Iowa

      Ahhh Becky, I thank you for reading and I guess I know no more than you do at this point. We will see what the next chapter brings. There may be a day gap as I have a book signing tomorrow that will take most of my day. But I will try to get it out anyways./

      Thank you always, grammy for your kindness and faithfulness to my writing. It means more than you know to me.

    • fatgrammy profile image


      6 years ago from North Carolina

      As usual another excellent story that leaves a reader wanting more. I know you will deliver on that! Voted up as usual.

    • Becky Katz profile image

      Becky Katz 

      6 years ago from Hereford, AZ

      I do not like that Sam. She is evil. Sebastian has more lives, doesn't he? Fascinating story.


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