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No Day Shall Pass

Updated on November 7, 2012

The silly girl, the funny one, the uncool and unclean,

the sultry gypsy angel lies in green sheets quite unseen.

Manipulating molecules with candles on pink walls,

and shadows of a hidden place among the slippery halls.

A glass in hand, strawberry lime, two shots and one "salud",

and kitchen play where dishes lay, one afternoon with you.

Encase yourself like crab, like shell and close your eyes to sleep,

yet wake, no slumber waits for you, your heart is warm and sweet.

Yes, I can smell the blood from all the thick inside your veins,

you close the door, turn off the lights, convince yourself again.

But in the moment when you lay your shiny head to rest,

I will invade each vessel there like Cancer to a breast.

And you will dream and see my face,

my eyes, my lips, my hair.

No day shall pass, no night shall fall, without me being there.


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