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No Glory

Updated on May 14, 2012
Wisdom knocking at your door
Wisdom knocking at your door

Neglect. Dishonor. Wisdom.

I dream of you

You sing me blues

I tickle your soul

You burst my veins

Crippled autumn leaf

Immersed in morning dew

Winds have come

To take me away

But I`m all wrapped up

In all your glory

Laving at your feet

Humiliation in escalation

Blissful days will turn up

Except here with you

©Copyright Pearlmacb 2012. All Rights Reserved.

the perfect music track for this poem!


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    • pearlmacb profile image

      pearlmacb 5 years ago from Switzerland

      Thanks for your comment charlesxavier04! Im glad you got something out of this read! :)

    • charlesxavier04 profile image

      charlesxavier04 5 years ago from London

      Love the line about burst veins. Very visceral!