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No Gold, No Silver, No Fame or Fortune: To my Children I leave my Legacy

Updated on September 5, 2016

My Girls

To my Children I leave .........

Wealth I may never have, Gold and Silver I will never treasure

My life is my own success, My success will never be measured by whats in my bank account

I have no material possessions, I will never have to worry about what I can't take with me when I go

My children get what I have to give now, I would rather see them enjoy it now than watch them try to replace me with what I left, when I go

I am a long way from gone but I think about the end and here is what I leave

To my cinderbinders and my chelserwelsers , to my lilahbug and my easterbunny I leave you with my heart

I leave you with my words and my soul, I leave you with a treasure hunt for the days you miss me.

I leave you with my soul written in too many places to ever be completely forgotten.

I leave words of wisdom (sort of) I leave you with words of emotion (a lot) I leave you with words to be treasured ( I hope)

I leave you with my past, present, and future, all waiting for you to discover me when I am gone

I leave you with my beliefs (whether yo agree or not) I leave you with my dreams (for you and me)

I don't plan on leaving anytime soon but when I do I will leave you with my passions on paper

I once thought I would become famous and known but I now realize I am famous to my family and the more I write the more they know me

I tell my story and share my thought with the world in the hopes that my world will remember me when God calls me away

The world has nothing to offer me but my world has given me the greatest gifts a person could possibly want or need

The love for my children and grandchildren is something that no amount of money, material items or fame could ever hold a candle to

I leave my movies that drive you insane, I leave them as memories that may be forgotten for a while

I leave my stories to let you see mom was more than just mom

I leave my inspiration to motivate you when struggles find there way to your life.

I leave you with my mistakes and my apologize for you to understand we are all human and never beat yourself up for making a mistake or too

I leave you with my perseverance , for you to never quite and never give up, I am still trying and someday when you put it all together you will understand me more

I leave you with my humor, (yes I do have one) my laughter is in your head and heart and I will someday hear yours from Heaven

I leave you with Hope, God gave it to me and I leave it with you, especially for the days that are dark and gray, There is always hope.

I leave you with my temper, for the days when you will need to stand your ground for someone you love

I leave you my crazy mixed up ideas, my inventions, and my obsession with duck tape, for those days that you just want to be different

I leave yo with my memories for my memories will last longer than any thing you can take home and put on the wall

I will never leave you completely if you remember these words, I leave you with my Legacy

Our Story

For my soul mate I leave......

We may argue who will go first, but I don't want to take any chances

A long time from now I may be called up before you so to you I leave

I leave my heart, for all the days you will miss me

I leave you with my respect, if you ever wondered, I respect the man you are not the mistakes you made

I leave you with peace of mind, I will be o.k and will wait at heavens gate for you to arrive with that impossible to resist smile

I leave you with my mistakes and my apologize for the days you forget that I wasn't perfect but my love for you was

I leave you with my words of faith, for the days that are too dark to see the light

I leave you with the same treasure hunt that I leave for our girls, many things you haven't read are waiting for you to find

I leave you with a promise , a promise to watch over you until we meat again

I leave you with my confidence, I never had any doubts about us, our souls where perfectly aligned ( no matter our difference's our story is one that God tailor made for us)

Not that I am leaving anytime soon but for the day that it comes I leave you my love and my complete assurance to move forward and move on to happiness again

I leave you with my blessings, for you have been my blessing for so many years,

I leave you with my happy memories, for the days and nights that seem alone, remember that you where in all my happiest memories,

I leave you with silence,(just kidding I can't be silent that would be nuts) I leave you with my non stop chattering but you will have to search for it. you might find some good surprises

I will never willing leave you but when the good Lord calls me up I will leave you with peace in my heart and a smile on my face for you too will be called up someday and that will be our reward

I leave you with my cherished children and grandchildren, to sit on your lap and listen to stories of our life, how we never gave up and never quite

I leave you but remain in your heart

I will never leave you completely if you remember these words, I leave you with my Legacy

Hello Beautiful

Life Brings us Closer

I couldn't imagine life any different

I couldn't imagine life with any less

I couldn't imagine life with any one else

I couldn't imagine life any other way

I couldn't imagine without God leading the way

I couldn't imagine any other life than ours

Life has thrown some curves

Life has put us through our trials

Life has measured our strengths

Life has given and taken away

But life has brought us closer together

No, I couldn't imagine any other life but ours

Our Heart , Our Life

Words To Live By


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