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No Harm in Trying

Updated on July 30, 2015
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Charlyn June has been writing since her elementary grades. She is a freelance writer who writes any topic from her clients.


In this life, we got to have the gut, courage, knowledge and determination in order for us to achieve every goal we set for us to grow. We have to try a lot of things.. we have to be risk takers, positive-thinkers, and broad minded people to go through every trial that comes our way.

They say that nothing is permanent in this world which means that we should be ready for what comes in and what goes out. When things come in, open your arms wide and embrace it, treasure it and live with it. Do your best not to let it go for opportunities really knock but just once. God doesn’t just give when He knows you do not need it. Everything He gives is meant to be yours, whether you see it in two different ways; Good and Bad. We should not forget that bad things damage us when we let it, but if we use it as a material to make it advantageous then it is still a blessing.

I have already tried a lot of things…. I took risks, I planned and worked out. I also failed a lot of times, but I did not gave up so easily. I still look for other options, take risks, plan and work for it again… it is a cycle and this practice has been my armour for every problem I encounter — inside and outside the house. What if you already tried every possible ways and still it didn’t work? Do not be upset because at least you exerted your efforts. Just feel sad when you never even cared to solve the problem.

Yes there is no harm in trying… and absolutely there is also no harm in giving up when you have had enough. But, giving up doesn’t mean to say that you are waiving your strength and claim that you are a loser. Sometimes, we just need to accept that we can not handle multiple things at a time. A situation will always finds its way out and a problem will always have a solution….at a given time… a given place… and with the right person to handle it.

People are born in different ways. Some are strong, some are weak.. Some are happy, some are sad.. Some are rich, some are poor.. Some just have to learn the hard way..

It is how the world looks so uniquely beautiful.. That is why we were created by God in many unique ways.. for us to learn from each other and be better persons.. for us to share what we have.. and to let other people know they are not alone.. ++++


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