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No More Reverie

Updated on September 19, 2019
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Artchelle Arcillas is an avid reader of poetry in all forms. She is a poetry contributor of Poets Unlimited, a poetry publication in Medium.

These fingertips only run through your skin in my dreams...

These fingertips only run through your bare skin in my dreams...
These fingertips only run through your bare skin in my dreams... | Source

She runs her fingertips through his face, tracing its unevenness, the greasy texture that made it indeed, a humane. She looked deep within his eyes, staring as if she's looking right at his soul...A low chuckle, he released.

"What,” he crooned, while caressing her back tracing its curve.

"Why does this doesn't seems real?" she replied, forehead furrowed, her lips paint a slight curve as she begin running her fingertips on his pale lips

He moved her inch closer to his chest making her fingertips that is toying on his lips, drop to his chest.

"...You, here next to me so close I couldn't see a gap in between... I mean, before... you were... you were miles away... I see you each day yet you seem so far. Like I'm in the east, you're living in the west... with her. Remember?"

He inclined his position on the headboard as he leans his head, brushing his fingers along her hair, her head on his chest, listening to the harmonious sound of his heartbeat.

"What should I do to make you believe it is all happening?" he asked, starting to hum the music of Sheeran. She lifts her head to meet his eyes that's been looking at her from the beginning. Humming filled the room, caging them in a cocoon. Their gazes filled with emotions, thoughts and sincerity as if the world is just a tiny speck of light that soon will fade, and it doesn't matter for they have their own world.

His right hand cupped her cheeks that glisten in the moonlight through trickling tears. Her smile that look nothing but seeking for assurance and raw connections, made him wipe her tears away, leaning his forehead to hers, eyes closed as he whispers the words she's been longing to hear...

"I want you to look at me without looking at my past for I left it all behind..." he said still leaning his forehead to hers. His eyes looking intently to her shut eyes, tears still streaming down her face…

"I'd like to begin again... and I want to start it all with you...for you, for us."

He lifts her chin to meet her eyes as he began to kiss the trail of her tears, murmuring those three words in between those kiss.



He paused upon looking at her rose pink lips; his finger traces its slight chaps as if mimicking her act moments ago...

"You... and only you." he said planting a soft yet passionate kiss on her lips.


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