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No, Not Here

Updated on April 5, 2017
Jerlin Leeroy profile image

Jesse Lopez(Jerlin Leroy) Is A Poet and a Artist of the drawing and painting kind. He's also a entrepreneur/ A man with many hustles.

Picture 1


Verse 1

I Love so much that I always lose everything

Someone once told me money wasn't everything

Herd a lot of lies but the truth means everything

Just stacking the crates till I get the paper to elevate

But i'm stuck on the toilet constipate

So high everyone sees my pupils dilate

Is this real or fake only time would tell

this is your fate

Try to run the whole nine at the same rate

Ended up gasped and passed out......

Art 1


Art 2


Verse 2

Talking to much get your mouth busted

In certain occasions you get dusted

found on the other side of town

I'm sad like a clown with a cup of crown

Will you be there when the shit goes down

Or you still laughing with a frown

Please calm down are you blind to the facts

We starving and no one has our backs

Staring from the other side of the tracks

One day that'll be mine and then I can sit back

Till then I'm rolling fat wraps......

Art 3


Something I hope you like!

© 2017 Jesse Lopez


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