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No Tangible Gifts

Updated on May 26, 2017
Juliet Stewart profile image

Juliet Austin- Is a blend of Stubbornness, and charm. She writes about experiences, and constantly pokes fun at her Feminist view.

The Housewife

You give me everything

and I can give you nothing in return

As I iron your shirts creasing the collars as you like

and lovingly fold your clothes and match your socks

I breathe deeply of the scent unmistakably yours

As I wash the dishes on which you

consume morsels lovingly prepared

As I load your coffee cup

I imagine your lips sipping from its rim

Ever so gently with care you caress with long fingers

subconsciously as you speak

I rinse the fork your teeth have scraped

I think of things that I could give you

but nothing comes to mind

The vacuum glides noisily over carpet

that bore the imprints of your shoes

and the specks of dirt you carelessly deposited

leaving not a trace

I have been given so much yet I give you so little in return

I run fingers over furniture dusty now, not from neglect

as I wax and polish each piece

I think back to the time spent

finding the right match each chosen with much thought

to make our house a home

I run your errands without complaint

and pay the bills on time each Month

I listen with full attention, each time to your complaint

Your Day at work sometimes full of mirth

Your laughter echoes through hallways

cobweb free nothing really out of place

The smell of dinner permeates the air

Pot roast your favorite you declared

Your Birthday cake baked and decorated by my hands

hats and decorations

Party guest soon to arrive

a loving testament

Sigh, but it's all immaterial

I have nothing tangible to give

Copyright clause: As it pertains to all written work Copyright Laws and plagiarism Laws applies cannot be copied or used in part or totality without giving credence to the Author as it stands under intellectual property laws. All pictures in my article to include Family and Friends pictures were uploaded under the free usage Laws at the time the Articles were posted to Hubpages. And as such are subject to free usage Laws. Unless otherwise indicated as far as privacy Laws were indicated. Loss of "source" information due to computer failure or transfer of articles does not negate guilt. Free upload laws apply.

I do not own the rights to artist's depictions of the character's used nor any royalties gained from outside sales, sales not generated from my writing through depiction or creative interpretation.


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