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Lack of care hurts with unbearable pain

Updated on September 22, 2016

An authored poem on love

No charm in life without you

Oh! my love!

The moment I saw you, was a surprise with no guilt,

Falling in Love with you was like being alive!

Will I lose you, a fear was always in mind,

Nothing good will be there if love, with you, does not remain halt.

Live without you is like leaving my own self and being lost

Aloofness and sorrows will be another jolt.

Loving you from the core of my heart was not my fault,

Come back my love and rescue me from the pain,

As Life for me is nothing without you,

Your existence is all that I own.

No charm is in my life without you,

Love is a Total Commitment

Everyone knows that the feeling of love emerges out of the heart and it has no connection with any religion, nationality, age or family background of a human being which is unconditional and it demands nothing in return but total commitment. It is limitless as well and is itself a shadow of our feelings that brings positivity giving up all our evil thoughts. As it is connected to your heart, it brings lasting fulfillment and is potent enough to make you strong in fulfilling the desired goal in life.

As the years gone by, after passing her school she joined the coeducational college. In her college, she made a sizable number of person as her admirer as she was not only very pretty but brilliant and a bold person. She fell in love with a guy named Abhinash studying in the same college. He was actually a poet-lover whose hobby was to write poems on closed relations and romance. His ardent nature of writing poetry alluded her. Both were found deeply in love within a very short period and were seen by the colleagues roaming in the gardens with the hand in hand, going to movies and Malls. The love was growing day by day which made them difficult to stay away from each other even for a short duration.

Once Abhinash got a job, they both decided to marry. But after one year of their marriage, Abhinash died in a road accident leaving behind Ayesha in a grief-stricken state. She was mentally shattered and his death pulled her to isolate herself from the rest of the world. She detained herself in her room as she was still fighting with this bitter truth that she was not ready to accept easily. In fact after a death of Abhinash, she was living a low esteem.

After some weeks, she started behaving normally, but mentally she was still upset. We felt sorry for her as she was young and beautiful and it was very difficult for such a woman like Ayesha to settle down herself in the world where the humanity has lost its path and women alone in general are living under great fear and threat.

Many poetry writers have expressed the feelings of love through their poetry and books like Aimless Life Poems available with are examples that express the true feelings of human beings towards love and aimless life.

True Love exists in the heart

Even Death cannot kill Love

After the death of Abhinash, we saw Ayesha roaming with another guy called Anil who was Manager in one of the nationalized banks. One day I got a chance to visit her, I saw that the same guy was there with whom she was talking and happily looking. I was surprised to see her with that man. I was asking myself that whether love is so temporary that not even one and half years have passed and she is arguing with someone else. It was a matter of shock that she had suddenly changed herself after a long silence.

My state of mind was not accepting the act of moving by Ayesha and finally I asked her the reason of her close association with Anil. She replied in a determined voice that no one else can replace Abhilash and he will always remain in her heart. Tears of feeling good were seen on her cheeks while she was telling about Abhinash. She further said that she always felt the presence of Abhinash around her. She further said that the person with whom she was talking was just a friend and the love she had for Abhinash will remain forever and there be no changes with the span of time irrespective of the facts of the world that today ' he is no more with her' and to fall for someone else again will be so painful for his soul.

Why is the love so painful? The idea of asking this question is truly linked with 'love' and the pain in heart is there as the person thinks that perhaps his trust may be betrayed or may ditch him and take away his love. This is also due to the fact that when in love, we are focused towards the person attached to our heart and even a small amount of lack of care may hurt us giving us unbearable pain. This fact is known to everyone but love is a great gift of GOD that helps us learn amazing lessons of life. Love is a bridge and even death cannot separate the souls who love each other.

Shadows of Loneliness

In the shadows of loneliness, she was like a glimpse of light,

Could not resist but she carried away my heart,

She was different from what I dreamed of,

But more than what I thought,

She knew the way to carry my sorrows

And pack a gift of smile,

She is the one who created happiness for me,

Oh, my love how do I tell you?

You made my world full of delight.

Love is one of greatest Feelings

Once you have someone whom you love from the core of the heart you will be there with him without any condition. The feeling in your heart shall remain forever and that is the true love in the true sense. When the love is not there and it does not create a feeling of its existence, there will definitely be no shame in anyone's life, which is an obvious reason to be believed.

In fact, Love is one of the greatest feelings GOD has given to us to enjoy its purity and have someone in life to be loved in return. The existence of Love gives us happiness in everything, thus, it becomes very important for every human being to understand its value and never ignore the presence of it around us.

Knots of Love

It is not enough to love someone but it is important taking care the emotions of your beloved, giving value and support followed by trust and faith that makes a relation strong. Sharing good and bad thoughts etc. makes the basis of relation strong enough and long lasting. Another reason of making your love charming is that if we need not suspect or mistrust our love and always take a step forward hand in hand with each other. Giving value to the presence of your love makes the knots of love glaring and it never breaks into pieces. If we do things just opposite to it , life for both the partners will become worse with nobody around to share your sorrows and unhappiness.


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