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Noseless TriClops Goes Bald

Updated on October 22, 2010
Noseless TriClops Goes Bald
Noseless TriClops Goes Bald | Source

You’ve probably heard little of the TriClops, obscure relative of the much more publicized Cyclops of the Ancient World. After all, the particular Cyclops known as Polyphemus got pretty good billing in Homer’s Odyssey, the tale of Ithacan King Odysseus’ travails in returning home after the Trojan War.

You’d think with three eyes instead of just one, the TriClops would have a little more notoriety. But, no, the TriClops has stumbled through obscurity as it has stumbled through the centuries. And it’s easy to understand why the TriClops stumbles along; whereas bifocular vision is a boon, as it permits stereoptic awareness and great depth perception, trifocular vision just muddles the scenery further into fragments of fuzzy, overlapping and conflicted imagery. And, without a nose, the TriClops cannot even rely on a sense of smell as a guide through life! (One thin silver lining: they cannot smell themselves either.)

No wonder the poor creatures wander about grasping for clues!

And, my, my, my, the added indignity — this poor chap’s losing his hair, too!


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