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Not Finished. Five

Updated on November 15, 2013
Everyone stood by me and I did what I was supposed to do, I came out bold and told the court my story. It didn’t take the jury long to convict the Master, he was sentenced to death because of the four human heads found inside his chamber; there was also a frozen woman inside one of his fridges.

He wasn’t the only one sentenced because his confession led to the arrest of top businessmen and civil servants. Twelve people were sentenced to death while thirty four others received a minimum of fifty years imprisonment and the state rewarded me for helping with the investigation. My life changed afterwards and I agreed with Clara that everything happened for a reason, she was there for me, she stood by me and made sure that I got the moral and spiritual support I needed, that two months the trial lasted were the best moment of my life because it drew me closer to God and gave me the space to discover myself.

The phone rang that afternoon and Clara answered then called my attention, the caller wanted to speak with me direct. You see, life can be hard on you but never give up, what if I had given up and killed myself when Moses was sentenced, what if I had killed myself when I had nowhere and no one cared for me. What if I didn’t meet Clara?

The called was a film producer, he was interesting in my story; he wanted to do a movie about me.

Why did he choose me? Of all the people in this world and all the stories they have to tell, he chose me. Again, I agreed with Clara that God was preparing something big for me. And that took me back to what Pastor Abram said about psalm 136 because I inserted my life's journey into it and realized that God has been there for me.

Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good. His mercy endures forever.
When my Father pushed me out from his house
His mercy endures forever
When i was sleeping under the bridge
His mercy endures forever
When i had no food
His mercy endures forever
When i was roaming the street hopelessly
His mercy endures forever
When the Master gave me a concussion to drink
His mercy endures forever

I couldn’t believe it when Rossi Mobis gave me the cheque, half a million naira for my story and 10% of the proceed from the movie for me.

Clara was so happy, to her that cheque was like hers but of course , it was hers because I cashed the money and gave her everything, I gave her the money, it was for her and not for me because she was the one that made everything happen, her encouragement was my strength. She refused to take the money and I understood because she didn’t refused to marry me.

The money helped me to start a trade which is now flourishing and also with Clara’s encouragement, I went back to school. Our wedding was a small celebration; Inspector James was my best man and Cristy was Clara’s bride’s maid. Pastor Abram officiated it.

Marrying Clara was one of the best things that happened in my life because she encouraged me in everything I did then God crowned us with a bouncing baby boy we named Emmanuel. I also forgave my Father because he wasn’t wrong, I needed to go out there and face the world, I needed to grow and be a man. He was also proud of me and talked a lot about my success…

Prince lost everything in shares; Antony found the love of his life.
Prince was deserted by all the girls, Antony got married.
Prince was broke, Antony is building a house.
Prince had no sex, Antony made love every day.
Prince desperately wanted to get married; Antony is married.
Prince resorted to drugs, Antony resorted to his family.
Prince lost everything, Antony found everything

One thing I have realized in life is that it is not good for us to compare ourselves with others, we all have different destinies, we are not suppose to be moved because of someone else riches neither are we to feel on top of the world when we are blessed.

I have also realized that no matter how hard life treats one that God has the final say, so no matter what you are going through, if you are reading my story, believe and believe that he is not yet done with you. Believe me he has not finished with you. God has NOT FINISHED with me yet.

Your life is not finished unless you quit, we all have our stories and mine is illustrated in the Bible, Philippians 1-6 is all about me.

What about you?

Clara is my best friend and we always shared time together, she is my strength and she is right; you know, she told me that all the mouths that condemned me will forever bless me so I am telling you this today, you have your own story to tell but on one condition...

If you refuse to quit.


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