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Not Finished. One

Updated on November 11, 2013

NOT FINISHED. (Episode one)

~~ Oh Lord come down and manifest your power ~~

~~ Jesus come down and manifest your power~~…

Songs and praises continued throughout the night until 10pm then Pastor Abram began to reach the gospel

- Please can you all open your bible to the second book of John chapter one and I am reading from verse 6-8

...But that we have a full reward says our God. God is kind.

He talked about everything and the more he spoke, the harder it hit on me that he was talking about me. When you go home, sit down on your own, at your free time, when no one will bother you, find a comfortable place, carry your bible the way you carry your plate of food even if you don’t have food, pretend that the bible if the plate and the words in it the food. Open to psalm 136 then simply do this.

Insert your life story to it verse by verse and you will realize that his mercy is forever.

I slept all day when I got home in the morning. Where do I even have to go? I had no work, nothing doing. Just wake, eat if there is any food for me because sometimes my Father gets pissed off that I was sticking around at 35, we are two opposites but that doesn’t mean that I doubt his love for me.

My parents still fed me at 35. Just 5 more years and I will become a fool. Didn’t they say that a fool at 40 is a fool forever?

My life has been a total opposite of what the first issue of a man represent. I managed to finish my primary education but my secondary experience was a disaster. You see, at a very tender age, I learned that the right thing must be done instead of the wrong thing but the principal of the school was an opposite.

He made sure that every student was taxed, yes I called it taxed because why pay for fees that had no receipt, even if they did, we have paid the tuition so why handy fee, project fee, execution fee, school bus maintenance fee?

-Mr Edward, I said to him; good morning sir, you see sir, I wanted to make it clear to you that my parents can longer afford all these fees you are imposing on us

Instead of an explanation, I got 24 strokes in front of the whole student.

Humility, he humiliated me, we paid for generator fee because there was energy crisis in the country so energy was generated by power generator. However, the school’s generator only served the teacher’s quarters and not the hostels, to worsen it, beg bugs!!!.

The dormitory went up in flames one night and no one knew where and how the fire began but at least, no more bed bugs and no more generator fee because the hostel was gone. Three months later, the Principal mandated all the students to pay for the construction of what he called ultra modern hostel when the Laboratory I began paying for from my junior class was still under construction.

I don’t want to go into detail of what happened between me and the Principal but would let you figure it out because, I was expelled from the school afterward and no other school agreed to enlist me. That was how I became a drop out.

Ever since then, I have tried so many kinds of job to no success, I have also gotten involved in trading but lost my small shop when the new Government took over and began the road construction, my shop was among the shops destroyed and the compensation from the Government was actually signed but the money didn’t get to us, if it got to others, well I got nothing.

I have also tried to search for a green pasture outside the country but made it just to the immigration desk of my dream country. Thanks to the Visa agent. After taking all my money, he got me a fake visa. Should I tell you what happened to him? Well the police have the record. How can a human being do this to a fellow human being? I served two years for man slaughter.

The only place I found hope was in the church; I became active in every church activity and was leading our branch’s dramatic group. I could make you laugh if you don’t want to and I could make you crack your ribs if I want to.

Pastor Abram loved it when I make people laugh, he called me Funny face and everyone that knew me called me Finished. Why? Because I had nothing and have tried virtually everything I could yet, there was no breakthrough.


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