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Not Finished. four

Updated on November 15, 2013

Clara became the only one I could trust and she proved to be a good friend, some of her neighbours mistook me for her elder brother while those who poke nosed deeply understood that truly, we were paired by God himself. She provided everything I needed with the little she had. She is the nicest person I have ever met in my life; she is beautiful, smart, honest, polite, gentle, supportive and above all skilful in bed.

Staying with her uplifted me and all my fears were erased by her encouragement. Although I was somehow down after meeting Inspector John for briefing…

-Are you sure you want to do this? She asked me

-Of course my dear, people like that man don’t need to be co-existing with us, imagine how many lives he must have taken

-I will stand by you all the way okay

-Of course my dear, I know that you will, you have been my strength all these days

That night was a perfect night, she said a prayer for us and after that, I became very strong and my courage to expose the Master became solid.

Everything was well coordinated and Inspector John Okafor kept me away from the sight of other officers, he was the only one that knew me, the only one that communicated with me and the only that knew where I stay. He wired me each time I went to see the Master, our conversation was tapped.

-Where will you get the baby from?

-In the compound where I live

-Are you sure that no one will suspect you?

-No Mater, great one, no one will suspect me, I know what I am doing

-Okay. You will see what will happen in your life after this sacrifice

There are times in your life when you will feel that it is not working at all, times you will be abandoned within yourself, times when your own smile hurts you and your tears become your only companion, I have been there. But all my pains came to an end just because of Clara. She made me feel very happy and wanting.

Even if no one believed in me and she was the only one then let me live the rest of my life for her. I declared.

The Master said that I needed to undergo a spiritual cleansing before the sacrifice, before I ever lay hands on the baby, I will have to dine with the devotees and feast with the queen of the coast. I wasn’t scared but Clara was and Pastor was nervous but Inspector John was right. If I was an undercover police officer and needed to shoot and kill someone to prove to the target that I am for him, I would do it.

I had wires all over me to record everything that we said but when it was time to feast with the devotees, the Master told me that I needed to remove my cloths, I needed to be naked and there was wire all over my body. Well I knew that it would be over that day, they will see the wire and they will kill me.

-Let me use the toilet first. I said to him

They were 12 of them, six women and six men, all dressed on black pants. I went into the toilet and removed my cloths and the wire on my body; I hid the wire inside the pocket of my trouser and came out naked. The Master was all smiles when he saw me naked and I knew that I have scored the pass mark.

They all began making strange noises as the danced to the sound of a drum. Without being told, I knew what was going on, no one ever thought of it but this was nothing but an initiation, I was being initiated into the sect.

Rule number one: Do not disclose anything about us to anybody

Rule number two: You must not eat food cooked by a woman

Rule number three: You must fornicate with a woman on her circle every last day of every month

Rule number four: You must provide a baby of not more than one year in exchange for money and fortune

Rule number five: You must provide a fresh left breast of a woman not more than 40years old three months after the first sacrifice

Rule number six: Do not break any of the rules else wise one will come for you

I was initiated into the cult, it is a cult and nothing else, they made me drank a concoction of blood and ate raw rice and yam. I knew that Inspector John would be worried because the wire was off, it would alert him and he will come for my rescue which will burst my cover. I almost lost my nerves but I tried to be strong because I knew the repercussion and it will affect Clara too.

Two of the women carried out a statue of the queen of the coast and I was to masturbate lying near it. Well I did everything and it became obvious that I have become one of them so the Master gave me a powder to rob on the baby’s body. The powder was to keep people’s eyes away from me while transporting the baby to the location.

I got home and explained everything that happened to Clara then Pastor came and we prayed throughout the night. The whole thing was becoming too scary but I wanted to finish this assignment perhaps that was why I was created. Inside me, I wasn’t initiated into their cult because my mind was not in whatever they did that night.

Inspector John Okafor brought the baby and we left for the location while Clara and Pastor and the prayer warriors kept Virgil. I separated myself from Inspector John as we approached the bush. I got to the spot by 1am and forty five minutes later the Master arrived with three women, I hadn’t seen any of them before, they looked mean.

The Master was happy when he saw me, he asked one of the women to collect the baby from me and place him inside the basin.

-Your life will never be the same from this moment on. He said to me
-And yours as well. I fired back at him

What he did not know was that there was a contingent of armed police men scattered everywhere in the bush. I stared at him and wanted to grab him and strangle him with my hands but I had orders to follow so I did the right thing. I brought out the touch and signaled Inspector John and his team.

It was a speedy and well calculated burst.

-You have the right to remain silent,anything you say would be used against you in court, if you don't have an attorney, the state will provide one for you. Inspector John told him as he was handcuffed.

He looked at me and i saw the weakness in him.


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